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  1. SABOW - M60 day attack!

    These are reports are excellent fun. Reading them, I remembered all the good times I had in Armored Fist back in the day. I've grabbed SABOW as a result, and it is every bit as good as I'd hoped. Thanks for this, 33Lima! I'm looking forward to the next round.
  2. That is pretty much exactly it. The fight was a 2v4, but my wingman got hit almost immediately every time. I stayed below 500 AGL until the merge, popping expendables to avoid the BVR shots. Compared to flying higher I felt like the missiles were having a harder time tracking me against clutter, but I don't know how rigorously the sim models that. In any case it was the only way I could survive to get into visual range... At the merge, the Eagles stayed up on their perch, so I performed an Immelman directly underneath them, which presented me with two hot tailpipes (well, four, because Eagles). Two heater kills, and immediately into an ugly chandelle-ish circle to get some energy and turn inside Eagle 3 for another sidewinder shot. At that point I was completely out of energy at medium altitude, and Eagle 4 put a Sparrow into me. This was also the last of six or seven disastrous tries at the same setup, and the only one where I even got close before getting popped, so there was a fair amount of luck involved too. But since then I've had more success with NOE evasion with other platforms, so I feel pretty confident in that tactic at least.
  3. Sorry, I was referring to A-4F Super Fox aggressors. Foxhounds turn like a...well...Foxhound...
  4. Definitely agree with Cougar. I took a flight of Super Foxes against an Eagle squad yesterday (by accident, but that's not important right now ) and the only way I could stay competitive was to keep super low and fast to avoid Sparrows, then pop up and take advantage of better turn rates and close-in IR shots right after the merge. Got all but one before the Golden Sparrow came...
  5. How well do you know Top Gun?

    400 knots is SOP for Maximum Beverage Effect (Spillage) as outlined in United States Navy Regulation 1103-1.
  6. How well do you know Top Gun?

    Do335, I only wish that were true. In reality, it only highlights the amount of my memory storage devoted to otherwise useless (but awesome) minutia. And now I'm off to download some A-4 Aggressors and reenact that Diet Pepsi ad...
  7. How well do you know Top Gun?

    19 out of 20. I suppose when one grows up in the home of a Naval aviator in the late 80's, one is bound to watch certain movies...
  8. Hi, all. For closure's sake, here's an update/solution(ish). I think the problem is network-related, since running the program with my wifi disabled has removed the crashes completely. I don't know more than that, but since the game doesn't have network features anyway (boo) it's simple enough to do. Thanks for the input, etc! As an aside, I added SF2:V to my install, so it appears the sickness is progressing nicely... Cheers
  9. Thanks, Coupi. Yeah, I looked at that post during my search. That was what caused me to finally get rid of Avast (it had been a while coming anyway). But it doesn't seem like that was the issue I was having. I appreciate the help, all. If anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears. On the other hand, a CTD isn't a bad reminder to blink every hour or so I suppose... Cheers!
  10. No luck. This time the crash came in the loadout menu screen.
  11. Patch level is July 2013. My system is a Macbook Pro Core i7 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM running a Bootcamp'd Win7 x64. GPU is a GT650m with 512mb VRAM. Graphics settings in the sim are mostly High, although I saw some stuttering so I turned off rearview mirrors and cockpit reflections, and set the terrain, shadows, and ground object textures to Medium.

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