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  1. SAAF Mirage IIICZ skin

  2. Yesss !! MB 152 !!! great addition ! She's look very good...
  3. Wrench, I'm afraid there was no "common" font fot the plane-in-group numbers... As you can see for exemple :
  4. IMHO, not enough space around the picture, at least 2 pixels.
  5. I love this plane ! But, IIRC the swiss never use 1300L tank... Don't forget, an 760L IMI tank is still available in the last TMF weapon pack... You just have to make the right pylon
  6. "Canards", nose strakes and RWR !!! Great job Soulfreak !!
  7. Paid by the Saudis "petrol-dollars", but really for the Egyptians...
  8. Avon powered ? Cool, but she needs a more colored dress, don't you think ?

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