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  1. cocas Is this by any chance based on the 1965 advanced day fighter?
  2. Sounds awfully awkward... every time you wish to alter a game on your computer, you have to access a website?
  3. F-104 for DCS!

    jeanba I think the MiG-21 wouldn't be a good representation. The F-104's performance is basically as follows - Top Speed: In excess of the F-4B and F-106A - Able to operate for protracted periods of time at Mach 2.0 - Climb rate is similar to the F-4B - Roll rate is similar to the F-5 - Corner velocity is around 420 KIAS @ 0.85 Mach - If aircraft is fitted with maneuver flaps, sustained turn-rate is similar to the F-4B
  4. EricJ But the accessing capability isn't via a file or program that you downloaded? You were editing solely through a website? Oh, okay
  5. DCS: F-35A Kickstarter

    EricJ Then how did this buffoon get clearance?
  6. DCS: F-35A Kickstarter

    EricJ So you really need to pass a lot of road-blocks and jump through hoops in order to be able to get the right to achieve the licensing?
  7. EricJ So you needed a password or to edit you needed access through an other website? By the way, how does the game simulate radar? Does the game actually simulate the radar beams, the programming of the radar itself, or merely tells the computer "scan this much distance, pick up anything this size or more at this distance, scan this many times a second" and stuff? NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement?
  8. DCS: F-35A Kickstarter

    Oh... I just read the opening post and responded. BailOut When is EDGE expected to be released? Are they planning on simulating every function? Or just telling the computer "in this case do that" Home Fries Makes sense Gee whiz? You mean they thought the capability was cool though unnecessary? Ruggbutt So, he misrepresented himself? JediMaster Well, for a flight-sim, they want it to accurately simulate the plane. I'm not sure what level of graphic realism is demanded. As for an airplane being designed to make it easy to blow stuff up, that's pretty much what all combat aircraft are designed for. I think some saw the movie Terminator in 1984 and laughed their butts off about the human-shaped robots but thought that Skynet was cool and wanted to create it for real... . Of course they probably thought that they could control such a program (despite it being orders of magnitude smarter than them) and preventing it from turning on them EricJ Which is from 1980 to modern day correct?
  9. EricJ Back when it was LOMAC... That's pretty cool actually Was this because they thought you were advertising something? When you say safer, you mean not running afoul of posting anything classified correct? As for the Moderator, what forum is this? Do you still retain the full game editing capabilities you had before or did you lose that privilege?
  10. Alfie The P-74 Sprite looks like a baby F-84F
  11. DCS: F-35A Kickstarter

    Sounds awesome!
  12. streakeagle What requirements are typically needed? EricJ varied histories? Code-bashing? You mean kluging existing code into something you can make work?
  13. Some Ideas

    EricJ You mean they would want to know what a bunch of people were going to do with their code? That makes sense. Well, as I said from the outset, I wasn't interested in releasing anything that was classified. SkateZilla 3. Cockpit systems complexity can be as simple as you want them (ie, Basic Electric, Hydrualic, Fuel Systems, Basic Radar, Basic SMS, Etc, Clickable or not, etc) (Again LUA Scripting Knowledge is a Must)Understood - SFM All Aero and Engine Parameters are in the Base AIRCRAFT.LUA ( USED BY AI) - SFM + External FCS Would Use the above parameters, and augment them with FCS System Scripted in LUA to manage Control Surface Movements. ( USED BY SFM FC3 JETS + Some 3rd Party Mods) - EFM, Allows Custom Aerodynamics, Forces and Advanced Control Managements Etc ( Used By Licensed 3rd Party Developers )So to use EFM you'd have to be a licensed 3rd Party developer? As for the rest, those features are in the game itself right? - You could, Simply Define a New Radar, Enter a bunch of Public/Generic Parameters, Define the Symbology, Create the Symbology Art easily if One knew how.True enough That makes a lot of sense, so basically you'd be using the same cockpit for those models. So 3rd Party mods that are unlicensed must obviously avoid IP violations, and be for personal use only? The Coding is Done in LUA and Microsoft Visual Studio Projects (DLL). If you're not proficient in those, then that's already a HUGE Barrier to overcome.Heh, tell me about it. Admittedly, I probably should learn computer programming (if for no other reason than to better understand computers) The SDK is for making new terrains? What would you have to do to get licensed other then presumably pay money? I think this could be something of use for everybody Which is likely why no SF2 Team has Even Tried to make a FC3 Level Aircraft.I didn't know that! I just thought of this right now, with the whole SDK thing: I remember there was a game called IL-2 Sturmovik. I'm curious if it would allow that level of terrain detail to be modeled (if somebody of course had the detail, and willpower LOL)
  14. Some Ideas

    Everybody I was thinking like how in BMS they often had several F-16 cockpits due to upgrades in the models if anybody's thought of similar things for other aircraft within the boundaries of what's not a matter of national security? Fubar512 I'd have thought to about 1991 -- they didn't seem to be using AESA then. While I know you made an error regarding the forum you responded to: When you say workaround, do you mean like a kluge to allow it to work in the sim with the existing avionics files? I assume it would be difficult to modify these files? Or is there some kind of legal issue around this (I don't really feel like running afoul of copyright laws)? Is DCS the same?
  15. Cannon Sound?

    EricJ At the penalty of appearing stupid, what's a cracked file?

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