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  1. Hi Veltro, amazing work on 31's i have question about 737 (p-8 poseidon) is that still active ?
  2. is there any active thread about that project ??
  3. I was asking for modern era MPA's such as P-8 (737NG) Poseidon ! Japanese P-1 from Kawasaki ....etc
  4. Kirov class battlecruiser (1988 and 1998)

    great work man i like all things that come out from your shipyard !
  5. great work thank's wish you all best man with your current progress !
  6. Yes some addons have that 'problems' someone have addon that create laser pod camera from green to grey ?
  7. Hello, I would like to ask Veterans of Combat Ace, is there any kind of maritime patrol aircraft Add'on for Strike fighters 2 something like P-8 poseidon...etc Thanks in advance
  8. I like the current mission editor comparing DCS with SF2 i cant i am really limited to enjoy favorite aircraft's because they cost (DCS)
  9. The gun is so powerful love those BRRRTTTTTT !!
  10. Brilliant work i like this and i have one question Will there will be an Opfor campaign or something ?
  11. SF2 F-15 Strike Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

    Thank you for this excellent aircraft i have purchased Strike fighters 2 just because of F-15E i really love this plane

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