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  1. Not really bad ;-) Iceland battle. Crushing the fleet is just question of number, of fired Kormorans ;-) BTW, Lt.Kobert must be a beast ;-)
  2. BK-27 soundfile ;-) Just copy to sounds .. ofc ;-) BK-27.7z
  3. Oh, true ;-) My fault. I was working on GR1A DS and probably removed this folder ;-) Unpack and copy to objects... Guns.7z
  4. At least working GPU ;-) Airbase attack. 22 kills with MW-1 ;-)
  5. Thx. I'll check. Only sound or just no cannon ?
  6. GR1 Desert Storm V.1.50 beta for tests. Check soundlist. Sounds are updated. Decals aren't finished yet, also not all avionics is ready. https://we.tl/t-2FQ6U1yx34
  7. Thank you very much. I just forgot this site ;-)
  8. Ok guyz, It's all I've for GR1A in Desert Storm . If you have something more, I would be grateful .. .
  9. Nah ;-) Since start plan was 1 skin per plane (GR.1B has two) + templates. All camos have real serials (except Saudi GR.1, but it's under development) and tail letters. It's not so easy to find 10-15 planes from one squadron, or do 22 (will be 25) nosearts for 'Desert Storm' Tonkas ;-)
  10. Well, templates are published ;-)
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slug_(unit) So probably the easiest way is calculate it in kg*m^2, then convert to slugs ;-) But baffmeister's method is the best. Fast and simple.
  12. Inertia is probably in kgm (or Nm?). It's sum of masses multiplied by distance to CG. Three values for all axis. It determine force on steering plates needed to start turn or climb.
  13. When you have also pilot as part of model he is not using Star Trek teleportation system.
  14. Terrain following F-111A

    Version beta test


    This is beta test of terrain following F-111A, similar to my Tornadoes. Settings are a bit different than tornadoes settings , but these will be universal. Means, will work for Tornado and F-111. [Altitude] Normal=170 Low=150 VeryLow=100 High=250 VeryHigh=450 //Normal=3000 //Low=500 //VeryLow=100 //High=5000 //VeryHigh=8000 [Waypoint] TaxiSpeed=5.14444 TaxiTime=0 TakeOffTime=0 InitialClimbDist=15000 InitialClimbAlt=1000 MaxInitialClimbAngle=0.7 MarshallTime=150 IPDist=27780 IPAngle=45.0 IPTime=150 AttackAlt=150 MaxApproachAngle=90 LandApproachDist=15000 LandApproachAlt=1344 LandLineupDist=8500 LandLineupAlt=762 StackAltDiff=500 ArrivalTimeDiff=240 EscortTimeDiff=10 MinBaseRange=10000 MinFACRange=15000 AircraftWaypointSize=1500 GroundObjectWaypointSize=500 GroundAttackDist=500
  15. Maybe he is hero ? He dropped canopy and seat to make plane lighter and went to engine section to check what is wrong ? Another option ... it was too big G during ejection and he is still on seat, but so flat that invisible ?
  16. It is possible, but you must assign seat to canopy (or glass). Not perfect solution but working. Check Jarek's AV-8.

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