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  1. Pierre's Brimstones vs navy. Almost success ;-)
  2. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    Thanks bro. Amazing plane.
  3. Yeah ;-) My friend bazilius did really great bird ;-)
  4. Very good decision. Using AI for nuke strikes with bombs over 10Kt isn't wise ;-) Well ... in fact they are so stupid that even without weapons they can ruin your mission ;-)
    Just example of effort that I love. Hours, weeks, months of experiments and one update without 3d fireworks ;-) Thank you very much, bro .
  5. You must add animation ID in weapons editor.
  6. I love Storm Shadows ;-) Got a hit from 150 km ;-) Big 'thanks' for this weapon creator ;-)
  7. I think group 8 is ok (not visible ofc). I've ECM as group 8 and it's present in game.
  8. LOL, yes but only 1 ;-) It's GR.4.
  9. Will check tommorow, today only theory ;-)
  10. My plan for GR.4 weapon stations. Any suggestions and advices are welcome ;-)
  11. So .... It will be new F3 ;-) But, you must be patient .. cockpit will take some time ...
  12. Thank you very much. I'm a bit busy last time, but will back to the project soon .
  13. Sure, any help is appreciated ;-)
  14. Yeah, I know. Wil do .. soon ;-)
  15. 'Locusta' camo is in updated Italian IDS ;-) Just download IDS again and you will have desert camo ;-) Nah, not only camo.. it's separate version for 'Locusta'. Just different loadouts.
  16. Poor GPU and free tools. My 1st cuts also ;-)

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