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  1. HUD modification for SF2

    I downloaded a simliar mod for SF-1, which works for SF-2. However, all this one did was move the radar display from the top right of the screen (medium HUD difficulty setting) to the middle lower center of your screen, above the chat box/radio text message box. They guy who made it also had bad eyesight, so he increased the size of the radar display on the HUD (using it at medium difficulty setting). This gave me my own idea. I liked having the HUD with color boxes around targets because I can't see them for the life of me when the HUD is set to Hard difficulty. However, I hated having the radar displayed on the screen at all, and would rather use the cockpit radar. Well, if this guy can increase the size of the Radar HUD, you can also decrease it. I went and modified the HUD further to set the size width and height of the radar portion of the HUD to be zero. Now, it is technically still on screen, but you cannot see it.
  2. CVN-65 Enterprise (*)

    YAP Carrier Pack 2 is on their own website, which they sell for money. You can't just download it. FYI, YAP = Yankee Air Pirate. They've apparently done a lot of unofficial mod packs for the game over the years, inlcuding modern middle east and historical WW-2. Here is the site http://yankeeairpirate.net/model-shop/ Again, you have to pay for the ship.
  3. A bit of a "Necro" post, resurrecting an old thread, but I just got back into Wings over Vietnam, and had to re-buy my game as the SF-2 version due to compatibility issues with my new game PC. I don't think the issues I brought up in my Wings over Vietnam-1 game exist in the newer 2.0 versions of the game. I have no issues with veering off to the right when landing, or falling thru a fake deck. The reason I say this is from my memory I believe the older games were never meant to have carriers at first, then a mod was made to add a WW-2 straight deck carrier. That mod was then officially put into the game and a new angled deck carrier was put in for Vietnam setting. However, the WoV game was still using the underlying code for the WW-2 carrier. Aka it just looked like an angled deck carrier, but was really a straight deck carrier, with straight arrestor cables and no port side deck extension. That is why I would fall thru the deck if you get too far to the left. It wasn't really there beyond the edge of the carrier hull. I'm much happier with the new 2.0 version of the game that I'm wondering why it took me so long to buy it until this past weekend. I guess I was just being cheap as my last gaming PC was able to run the original games, and I saw no reason to upgrade, and definitely didn't see a reason to buy a game twice. Hell, I even got my F-106 Delta Dart working (eventually, when I found out the mods go in your Users/User/Save game folder, and not the regular game folder. I used to have the Delta Dart, but no weapons for it. Now I even have that paid DLC that lets you set your own campaign aircraft, and I can fly around in my Dart in Vietnam.
  4. There are also some single missions already in the game that feature the carrier. There are even two for take off and landing practice with F4's. The Tonkin Gulf mission can also be used to practice with the F8. Just ignore the mission and dump your ordnance into the sea, come around and land. The only thing I don't like is that the carriers are still programed like WW-2 straigh deck ships. They have an angled flight deck, but the arrestor hook catches a wire and tries to straighten you out so you veer off to the right. However, that is important anyway as the bit of deck that extends out off the left side of the ship is actually not deck at all, and you fall overboard right through it. It is a shame, but you still have to land coming in from directly behind the ship.

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