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File Download Farman HF.20 unarmed

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The Farman HF.20 was developed in 1913 and was being used by most of the air forces in Europe by the time World War I began. It was designed for reconnaissance and had very stable flight characteristics, but it didn't have a very powerful engine and wasn't suitable for fighter or bomber missions, although some pilots made the attempt. The Farman F.20 was withdrawn from front line service as more nimble aircraft became available.


This version does not have a machine gun and places the observer behind the pilot.It can carry a small bomb load, with the bombs being released over the side. This install will not replace the original Farman HF.20, so you can fly both of them in First Eagles.


My skins for Belgian, French, and Russian versions will work for both versions of the HF.20. I have included all three in this download. The Russian version uses the decal.ini posted by Crawford in the forums. Decals and my skinning templates are included in the download.


Some flyers wore simple crash helmets in WWI, especially in the early days. I am using a pilot with a helmet in this plane. The pilot and installation instructions are included in the download, in case you don't already have it.


The Farman HF.20 has a wider wingspan than First Eagles expects so you should install my "Airfields for Large Planes" available in the Combat Ace downloads area. Otherwise, when starting on the runway, your wings may be touching the wings of the planes next to you. This will cause an immediate collision and you or other planes in your flight may lose their wingtips as soon as the game starts.


Thanks to Ojcar for making the data file for the Farman HF.20.


Thanks also to Crawford who created a more accurate decal.ini for the Russian version and who provided resources for the Farman cockpits.


Installation Instructions
For FE1 - Unzip the file. Move the folder named "FarmanHF20U" into your FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder.


For FE2 - Unzip the file. Move the folder named "FarmanHF20U" into your FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create a new folder named "FarmanHF20U". Move the folder named "D" from your Aircraft/FarmanHF20U folder into the Decals/FarmanHF20U folder you just made.


You may not need to install the pilot with helmet, it has been available for download for some time and you may already have it. If you don't already have it, I have included the pilot and instructions for installing in a separate folder included in this download.


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12 Mar 17 - 12:38:13 PM

thank you. I love having many variants of an aircraft. I used an ini trick to remove the gunner from the Nieuport 12 to use as an unarmed 2 seat Nieuport 10.

yes yes yes......anpother Farman to add to my Biggles learns to fly collection.........we still need a shorthhorn/longhorn though pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

An excellent plane but easy prey for those fiendish German Albatros and Fokker fighters. Thanks for this Farman HF.20 and of course your continued input into First Eagles Stephen 1918. Your efforts are very much appreciated.








Is the Roland C.II Walfisch on your to-do list.

wot Rusty said ^

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