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File Download Euro Objects

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This pack contains several dozen new, high-res Euro ground objects for upgrading the really outstanding maps produced by FE modders. The intent is to push the envelope and see if FE can approach the immersion of more recent flight sims.


There is a lot of confusion concerning FE objects. Generally speaking, mainstream objects (mostly buildings) are 63% of actual size. However, combat units and airfield objects are 100% full size - so they don't look strange when close to full size aircraft.


The screenshots show all of the buildings contained in this pack. They are ALL 63%. Shown, but not included in this pack are airfield objects and WIPs of fortifications and terrain. They will be in a future objects pack and will be full size. Also included in the future pack will be more 63% walls/fences at 5 and 10 degrees for placement on sloping ground, plus more 63% railroad objects.


Use MUE's excellent LOD viewer to identify each object as I don't feel like making explanatory diagrams.


Screenshots Screenshots



Fantastic work!

Holy cow!

just a suggestion - for us non-terrain modders it may be helpful to make a version of this where the object names are the same as stock object names, so that they will replace the stock objects without changing the overall layout... who knows it may solve my mysterious flashing roof problem on the buildings..

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