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Persian Gulf Terrain - For SF2

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Persian Gulf Terrain for SF2 (Original Beta by Gepard)

== For SF2, Any/All -Full 4/5 Merged, @ May 2012 Patch Level ==


*Note: should be usable at April 2012 level, but will have issues with Primary Targets for Anti-ship, CAS and Armed Recon. The May 2012 patch fixes this*


This is a finalized, completed version of Gepard's Persian Gulf terrain. It replaces the Beta in it's entirety.


A companion terrain for the Iran/Iraq2003 Op Darius terrain, or a 'stands by itself' terrain. This terrain covers the eastern end of the Persian Gulf; from southern Iran & the Straits of Hormuz, west to the UAE/Qatar/Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Consult the

planning maps for a full view of the region. It should be noted that Kuwait and Iraq are unsable, due to their proximity to The Wall. There is one 'carrier station' (ie: using the SF2NA style water bmp marker) for Friendly usage.


This is a higly detailed terrain, with many new custom tiles and TODs. Due to the large number of terrain and ground objects used, you may experience long loading times. It has been fully tested in a full-5 merged SF2 install, at the May, 2012 patch level.


Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, or exist at all. Several cities and other physical features, and target areas will also fall into that classification. Some target areas (cities, etc) exist only as named places, with no

strategic or tactical values. Just someplace to fly over.


As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended (ie: REQUIRED!!!) you read the document through after unzipping, but BEFORE installing. As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading.

It's also VERY IMPORTANT to read the Legal Statement at the bottom, as it reflects changes in policy to ALL my terrain works (even if finishing someone elses).


Good Hunting!


kevin stein

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