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Vertical Pack for Soviet Navy 1.0

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Soviet Navy Vertical Pack 1.00


This is the first complete version of the Vertical Pack, now including the Yak-41M (also known by its commercial designation as Yak-141). I have modeled the plane as if it was deployed into combat units with its military designation Yak-41M. The plane served aboard the aircraft cruisers Novorossiysk and Baku, and on the aircraft carriers Tbilisi and Riga, from 1991-2010.

This is a fine tuned or modified collection of everything I could find to improve the planes.

I lot of time was invested in research and testing to provide you a working and accurate Yak-38/38M and Yak-41M. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated.




I tried to include every component I have used with the planes, so it should work with a fresh unmodded SF2:NA. If you have DirX 9 and Win XP, then you also need Gerwin's IcelandNA modded terrain for XP to be able to play SF2NA on your PC.


Just copy everything into your designated add-on folder and it should work. Beware it may overwrite existing add-on files and components you already have. Check it first, especially weapons.





NEW in 1.0 version



New content


- Yak-41M VTOL flyable

- old Su-27 cockpit for Yak-41M (Temporary)

- Yak-41M Soviet Navy skin (completely new)

- Yak-41M Soviet/Russian Navy Camo skin (completely new)

- Yak-141 Commercial Prototype skin (completely new)

- Stary's Yak-38 cockpit included (+ini changes for compatibilty)

- Yak-38M Desert Camo skin from Afghanistan, Operation Romb 1980 (New)

- Yak-38M Naval Camo skin, Tbilisi (Adm Kuznetsov) testing unit (New)

- Mi-8T Soviet Navy skin (Unarmed transport and passenger version without pylons)

- Yak-41M new afterburner effect, lift engines included.

- Yak-41M OLS type IR Search&Tracking device added to 3D model.

- Yak-41M added APU-470, AKU-58 and BD3-USK type pylon 3D objects for correct display

- Modified Kiev class Aircraft cruiser data

- AA-10, AA-11 and AA-12 missiles and Kh-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-35 ASM-s included (minor value changes apply)

- Delta-NG control pod new 3D object and skin.

- VSPU-36 gun pod new 3D object and skin (color variants included for different skins).

- MBD2-67U quadruple bomb rack new 3D object and skin.

- Yak-38 500liter drop tank new 3D object and skin.

- Yak-38/38M Flight Manual Text

- Yak-41M Flight Manual Text

- Yak-41M textures are now JPG to save space

- Kiev class aircraft cruiser name decals

- Kiev class tactical numbers separately done, due to decal limit per mesh.

- General purpose Soviet Navy red star insignia for ships

- Soviet Navy Ship tactical number decal set 001-999

- Updated decal.ini files for ships (Udaloy, Slava, Kirov, Kresta II, Kashin, Krivak and Ulyanovsk) to display new ship numbers, insignia and name decals.

- Wide-screen 16:9 and old 4:3 Hangar and Loading background pictures are both included in each aircraft folder.




- Fixed Yak-41M engines, flight model, balance, lift force, fuel amount, range, aerodynamics, slats, loadout, undercarriage spring effect, weapon station structure, nav lights and sound. Also some HUD/Avionics graphics changes.

- Mi-8 skin minor fixes + new template

- Yak-38 Northern Fleet skin (dark blue) colors changed.

- Yak-41M minor 3D fixes (Lift engine cover, LERX, texture mapping, canopy glass, pylons)

- Fixed ranges and seeker head of AA-10 Alamo missiles, as well as some minor bugs in inis

- Fixed Kh-29T and Kh-29L missile speeds and turn rate.

- Fixed AA-12 Adder (Folded version) launch animation entry in data.ini




- Yak-38/38M New weapon station stucture to exlude some IRM types.

- Yak-38/38M loadouts modified with Delta-NG

- Added separate MDB2 rack with RackSpecific entry for Yak-38 outer pylons. This way other aircraft (Yak-41) can use the normal rack.

- Yak-41M uses afterburners on VTOL mode correctly (effects added)

- Modified MBD3-U6 rack, changed the bomb sequence in order to avoid using the RackLimitOutsideOnly setting for Yak-41M.

- Kiev aircraft cruiser STOL version has been added. It uses a more realistic launch arrangement. This "variant" of the ship is now Kiev (82) class, added separately for campaign use. In 1982 pilots have started to use STOL takeoff doctrine. The "catapult" launch places has been reduced to two, and are using the majority of the deck, along the two converging yellow lines which have this exact purpose. The ship otherwise the same like Kiev (wo. suffix) VTOL mode.

- Separate Flight Manuals in text files.

- Yak-38/38M flight model has been simplified with the usage of center-of-mass shift. I did not know that feature earlier. It has no change on the previous flight performance.

- Mi-8T added lights and optional unarmed version without pylons.




Previous version 0.98 BETA





- Paladrian's MiG-21MF cockpit (temporary solution)

- Yak-38 VTOL flyable.

- Yak-38M VTOL flyable.

- Weapons: OFAB-100, 250, 500 etc from SovietBombPack; Kh-23 missiles, UB-8M, UPK-23 gun pod and MBD2 racks from Ordnance Shop II; APU-60-1 rack from Cocas

- Soviet Pacific Fleet skin (Modified stock skin, set as default)

- Soviet Navy Grey skin (Redrawn stock skin)

- Soviet Northern Fleet skin (Redrawn stock skin)

- Soviet Navy pilot Bright orange overalls (Redrawn Red3202 pilot skin made by The Trooper)

- Two loadout.ini for both aircraft, a loadout.VTOL and a loadout.STOL. Overwrite loadout.ini to switch between them as you wish for AI and campaing use.

- Three Kiev_data.ini's one for STOL and one for VTOL style take offs. Use the VTOL loadout file for the VTOL take-off modded Kiev, for safety reasons. The third INI has a "castrated" take off position #1 (Catapult 1) to enable human player VTOL take-off, for Soviet Navy campaigns and missions.




- Fixed engine thrust vectors and exhaust positions

- Re-added lift engines to fuselage

- Fixed number decals position

- Fixed pylon ordnance positions

- Fixed Ranging Radar and gun pod's aim point

- Fixed Kiev class carrier "catapult positions" and AI aircraft take-off. Now they can use all six takeoff positions, and supports vertical takeoff.




- Real thrust data added based on factory data.

- Yak-38 automatic slats by Gepard

- New vertical capable flight model, weight and torque balanced airframe.

- Changed lift engines thrust angle to 80 degrees to the aft.

- Engine thrust toned down by 10% to reflect real payload lifting capabilities.

- Realistic payload choices added. Be warned, pylons are physically capable to hold much heavier payload than the plane can take off with. See payload info at the end of file.

- Modified weapon stations to hold realistic payload

- Removed plane numbers from 01-09 (Those were in use of Yak-38U two seaters)

- Modification of plane numbers. Yak-38 tend to have lower numbers, grey 38M's take higher numbers, and extra easter egg))) (roughly to represent real planes)




- Reaction control systems to nose, wingtips and aft fuselage.

- Added gunpod station, exclusively for VSPU-36 (modeled by StationSpecific modified UPK-23)

- Added choice of droptank (Uses Mig-17 400liter tanks currently)

- Manual wing fold anim (Animation key 1 - Shift 1)

- Skins and numbers

- Dedicated engine sound

- Yak-38M alternate sights with rangebar and CCIP (MiG-27, Su-25 style) !!BETA!!

- Yak-38 model without recirculation dams on fuselage (Info from Peter2 and TK)

- Added Siren-I ECM system to Yak-38

- Added Gvozdika ECM system to Yak-38M


Kiev class aircraft cruiser new features


- Kiev_data_STOL.ini for short take offs (default)

- Kiev_data_VTOL.ini for vertical take offs (recommended for operating helicopters)

- Kiev_data_Player.ini for disabling Catapult #1 to enable free vertical take off by player aircraft or helicopter.

- Extra parking places added

- 6 working launch places (catapults)

- Fake arrestor cables untouched, they are needed for fake hooks used by AI Yak-38s.


Overwrite Kiev_data.ini with the desired file.






Work in progress list


- Avionics refinement for Yak-38M

- Yak-41M land based camo skin

- Yak-41M modern (russian) camo skin

- Yak-41M 3D model improvements

- Ka-25 Hormone helicopter family

- Improved tactical number set for soviet warships

- Pr.10200 "Khazlan" class Amphibous warfare ship




Additional Credits and Thanks


- Yak-41M: - 3D: Gabilon, Cockpit(Su27) - Oliver, BPAO Anguille

- Mi-8: - 3D + Original skin - Marcfighter, FM - Kreelin

- Yak-38: 3D + Original skin - Thirdwire, Cockpit - Stary, Alternate cockpit(MiG21) - Paladrian

- Weapons: - Lindr2, Krisis, Cocas

- Soviet plane number decals: - Flogger23

- Soviet pilot: 3D + Original skin - The Trooper

- Helped me (INI,testing,tech info) - Wrench, Gepard, 76IAP-Blackbird, Cocas, Logan4 and special thanks to Gabilon.

- Software: - RedCrow(3DMAX+Photoshop)



Sources - "J.R.Nockson" and "Volodya" (VVM) (Aviaforum.ru)

- ru.wikipedia.org

- russian-ships.info

- Yefim Gordon: Yak-36, Yak-38 and Yak-41

- ????????????? 2009/7 ??-38

- ??????? ????????? 2003/07 ??????? ??????????? ??????? ????

- Ficker,Butowski: Yakovlev's VSTOL fighters

- Norman Polmar: Naval Institute's Guide to the Modern Soviet Navy (5th)

- ?.?.???????? - ??????? ??????? (2010)


?????????????? ?????/Documentary videos:

- ?????? ?????? - ??????? ???????

- ?????? ?????? - ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ?????

- ???? ??? ??????? - ?????? ?????????

- ??????? ? ???? - ??????? ??????????? ??????? ????

- ????? ???? 1985

- +various videos from YouTube






This mod, like all of its components I used are freeware. Commercial use is prohibited. You can use this pack as part of a bigger pack or campaign set freely.


Ver 0.98 2012 December 26.

Ver 1.0 2013 December 25.

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excellent for some naval battles!!!

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