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AVIA-S199 "SAIF" SF2 Merged

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The Parani Air Force ( I.P.A.F.) had been using ex lufwaffe BF-109 G10's and the Avia S-99 since the end of the "Western Infidel War" and these airframes were getting tired and worn out, as they were usually second and third hand cast off, and ex "hangar Queens" which had been scavenged from many sources, When the IDF started using the Avia S-199 , the Parani Ministry of Defence liked what they had seen ( even though there were certain issues with this aircraft type) Early in 1947 they approached their Czech Military advisors, and acquired brand new airframes direct from Avia. One Squadron (Huntress Squadron) of the Imperial Air Force was equipped fully with the Avia-S-199 which was given the name of Saif, or Scimitar. intended as a stop gap aircraft, until the MIG-17 or J-3 was available, these aircraft actually remained in service up until the mid 70's.






Installation and blah blah


As with all my uploads, this is an all in one package, all the bits and bobs are there for you including PilotData ( for the Squadrons) and Nations.ini .So unpack to your saved game folder, it has been tested on a fully merged install. so I assume it will work on any non merged set ups too. So... off you jolly well pop, and go and shoot down some accursed infidel Dhimari !!!


Credit for the original model and workings to Monty-CZ for the orginal models, Kesselbrut has worked his magic on the cockpits, I believe Mr Wrench did some work on the originals too, as has Kulbit.....if I jhave missed anyone out, apologies, slap wristies and no sweeties for me for the rest of the week and banned to the naughty step :P :P :P
keep your mk 1's peeled, for more Parani lovliness................ENJOY !! :airplane:

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Hi trotski00

thank you so much for all Parani planes. I like idea to use ww2 german planes as post war (45-55's) airforce for exotic countries like Empire of Paran. In the future I would like to see Me-262, Ar-234, He-162, Me-163 with Parani markinks

PS. this green-white strip on yours planes tail look awesome

PS2: sorry for my english

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The Paranis would most likely use the Avia built 262, the turbina. I shall ook into doing one of those for you mate, as for the 163, I'll look into that too when I get some free time.

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This looks great but guns don't operate . In SF2 WW2 Europe they work fine . In SF2 WOI the guns show up in load-out menu and in flight but do not operate. I made sure the gun pods and guns were in WOI weapons and guns folders.

What am I missing?

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