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RSS SA-2 Guideline Pack Public Test Beta 0.3

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RED SIDE STANDARD SA-2 Guideline Pack 0.30 Beta


This is a public test version. Please try out equipment playing from both sides. This pack has been tested against stock planes on stock terrain. Mostly on VietnamSE due SAM site density and fast loading time :)
About 1000+ launch tests have been done on planes with various types with or without jamming equipment at low and high altitude. Ballistics have been also checked with HoneyFox's Missile Range Simulator.


To follow the philosophy behind Red Side Standard Weapons Pack (RSSW) I made an attempt to standardize the SAM systems as well. The first of such, the SA-2 Guideline or System-75 family.
Using multiple reference materials (both english an russian) we tried to fine tune the effectiveness of all the weaponry for satisfactory player game experience while keeping as much realism as possible. This provides more challenge playing on the blue side.
Effectiveness for guided missiles and radars have been tuned to provide realistic hit rate within the proper launch requirements. Because of game limitations, this means some technical parameters and values may be different from real world data.
We kept as much stock reference as we could to provide compatibility with original game standard (Naming, Types, etc).
Yet, there are no new ground objects included, but many new equipment is WIP for the final version.


- The latest 3D models of the SA-2 family missiles from Spillone104 with thoroughly revised characteristics (FM, Guidance, Ballistics etc)
- Weapon (and folder) names use common standard for convenience, clarity and simplified looks
- Most objects use the stock TW 3D models


Important changes:
- All missiles have been changed from Beam Rider to SAHM guidance, as a work around the faulty "tail chasing" game logic also present with Rear60 IR seeking missiles. Also, "Beam Rider" guidance does not allow lead targeting of the missile.
- All Fan Song radars have been set to their instrumented range, now it is fully up to the RCS, altitude and noise jamming values to determine the range of detection.
- Target tracking range has been made equal to the search range - what the Fan Song can see can track immediately - launch is still limited by the missile parameters.
Ground objects: TW
SA-2 missile family: Spillone104


Work in progress:
More new 3D missile objects for all variants.
New Fan Song 3D models (with correct size and antenna types)
Various auxiliary vans or SAM site contruction
New Search/Height inding radar 3D models associated with the sites on regimental level
Experimental complete SAM site objects for terrains


- pvo.guns.ru
- ru.wikipedia.org
- www.airwar.ru
- various forums


- ZRK S-75M Uchebnik (Russian field training manual)
- SA-2 Guideline (Osprey)
- Istoriya Otyechestvennoy Radiolokatsii (History of Russian radar technology)
- Voyna v Vietname - Kak eto bylo (1965-1973) Personal journals of soviet personnel in Vietnam
- Zenitniye Voyska v Voyne vo Vietname i na Blizhnyem Vostoke (1965-1973) SAM battle experience in Vietnam and in the Middle east.


Special thanks to the author of SAM Simulator for his help and for creating his program.

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