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  1. The fix above is for the original A-37 pit. The position is not checked against the Mossie pit that is in the package now.
  2. Amend above to Position=-0.308,2.75,0.33 Offset=-0.33,-0.15,-0.22
  3. Don't forget to add to the main ini [DamageTexture] DamagedPostFix=_Holes.tga DestroyedPostFix=_Shredded.tga Copy in your fave damages and rename to the lods name. I changed the pilots position. Position=-0.308,2.75,0.30 Offset=-0.33,-0.15,-0.22 Almost in the exterior pilots helmet there.
  4. Sans day glo. Detailing continues. The pit got some new colours but it needs some movement to get in better positions.
  5. I'm finding on the take off roll with or without weapons, the A/C is pulling right. In level flight with AP on, then switched off, it would start to roll to the left. Can't isolate that one.
  6. In the data.ini...right aileron ReverseModelOrientation=FALSE <<<<< set to this
  7. Added landing lights. You can finesse the Y position is you wish. On the right and left wings in the data.ini SystemName[008]=LandingLightR SystemName[008]=LandingLightL [LandingLightR] SystemType=LIGHT Color=0.66,0.66,0.60 Brightness=0.15 Position=0.64,0.42,-0.96 LightSrcOffset=2.5,50.0,3.5 LightSrcRange=150 LightRange=45.0 CanFlash=FALSE IsLandingLight=TRUE [LandingLightL] SystemType=LIGHT Color=0.66,0.66,0.60 Brightness=0.15 Position=-0.64,0.42,-0.96 LightSrcOffset=2.5,50.0,3.5 LightSrcRange=150 LightRange=45.0 CanFlash=FALSE IsLandingLight=TRUE Fun jet for zipping around in and carrying huge gun pods.
  8. Right on. The speed brakes...are they modeled? I don't see them in the lod viewer but I see them in the data.ini.
  9. Morning, I haven't been playing a lot lately but I heard this A/C was out so I picked it up. Seen lots of videos of the SK60s on YouTube. :) I noticed the plane wouldn't load via the loadout. It would work manually though. Otto said to check the LOADOUT.ini and get rid of the special character A and replace it with a standard A. Work's fine now. My system wouldn't recognize the character in the title of the loadout. Change: [Lätta Attacken-Raketer] to [Latta Attacken-Raketer] Same for the 2nd loadout. For the modder, the seat wasn't included. I don't know if this is a standard seat from a different load but I didn't have it. Just letting you know. Maybe even break out Photoshop for some detailing if I can remember how :)

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