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  1. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  2. Hi Mue, Any updates for the Target editor? I haven't used it in a bit but today it's a no go. Somewhere it died. Maybe due to an updated file that the LOD Viewer is using?
  3. It's subtle but 410 SQN over the Jimmy Lake section of the CLAWR.
  4. Out of flares.....bigger IR signature caused by 20 MM....IR wins the fight
  5. Bathed in the light of the exploding SAM Racks empty, on the way out
  6. Older generation brother out for a run Breaking for an attack run.. Older guy can still pull the G Clearing the air over the attack area
  7. So after another coat of Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish, we have this. But I rubbed all of the maintenance marks off so the crew chief is pissed. ( I thought those chock kickers knew where things were. :) )
  8. Found this new metal polish at Princess Auto...
  9. Might need to re-work the MiG21 aluminum next. This guy needed a polishing after this.

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