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  1. Not looking to scratch the paint yet.
  2. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  3. Anyone have the Bunyap templates for the Seahawk? If you do, can you load them up here?
  4. Taking the Venoms for a walk....got rather noisey. This is getting bigger.....more pixels to personalize.
  5. Well yeah....dive in and a slight advantage in speed. The 20 MMs made up for the distance. :) Shooting bombers is fun or trucks. Dogfighting = deck and run.
  6. Thankfully Photoshop stopped acting like an asshole and can continue with detailing.
  7. Good morning to the surrounding communities of Tracadie NB and an early wake up call from 434 SQN.
  8. Thanks. Did you ever consider replacing TKs fail terrain tool? It is a constant crash now trying to get DTED into something that game can use.

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