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  1. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  2. Oh and Gerwin, I think runway lights live there as well. I commend anyone who figured those out and had patience.
  3. Well currently the game lines the player up on the runway and the flight on the taxiway. I guess if you had a hardened shelter and started the player in there, then he could taxi out to the active and take off. But I would expect that AI coming off the field would experience problems if the player launched from a different field. Kreelins mission editor you could set yourself as #2 and watch the AI launch then you taxied out and took off and joined him. That was cool stuff.
  4. Did you try to change the colour of the sky Gepard with still the brightness on the day sun?
  5. I don't think so. They pretty much line the flight up on the runway. TK used to have the ability for the tower to give taxi instructions, but then of course, he broke it. Thanks Gerwin.
  6. Hey Gerwin, Going back a page to the question about allowing pilots to start in a hardened bunker, do you think you could have the tool display the positions for positions of aircraft during startup / taxi positions? Its in the airfields ini from what I remember.
  7. Your data.ini that you added is from the one I posted?
  8. You might want to take a browse thru 

    Put in a few fixes to the MiG-31BM building on your great work!

  9. Can you post it somewhere?
  10. What happened to your MiG-31?
  11. Continue to tinker. I missed the pylons. A couple were on the wrong sides. I wondered why they didn't come off. MiG-31BM_DATA.INI
  12. The inis with the fixes. Made some RuAF stars and markings last night. I'll keep picking away at it. Back your own files up before you use these cause if you break it, there isn't any warranty. MiG-31BM_AVIONICS.INI MiG-31BM_DATA.INI

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