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  1. CAF Brigand FRS.1

    The influence of the MiG23 :)
  2. 1989 Gulf of Sidra Incident

    http://fly.historicwings.com/2013/01/splash-two-migs/ Always liked the format.
  3. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  4. F/A-5C

    I think this was one of the first mods I can remember from SFP1.
  5. Florian made a Strikemaster years ago. I don't think he released it. This guy says the small thing on the rudder is static discharge. https://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Flanker/0977.html
  6. Engine problems and fire...going to need an immediate clearance to land.
  7. ^^^^^^^^ Human shaped debris...genius ^^^^^^^^^ One thing I have always liked in this game is watching AI do their stuff, like this fine flyer. No matter how much airbrakes is applied at this point is going to help you out one bit buds.
  8. AKA Moonjumper, Jollyjumper, Puddlejumper. provider of avionics, gunsights etc. Hope the cake is plenty for the day. :) Jim
  9. Cool to see new Firebees out. Some targets for my CPFs to fire at.
  10. Humpday Heavies

    Tail view...cable disappearing into your face.
  11. This was WTF moment during testing......... lol
  12. Go to Gallery - Members Albums and make yourself an album and load your screenshots here at CA. I can't figure out why the AI F4 would accelerate past a MiG17 putting him front of his guns.

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