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Red Range Revamp/Update for SF2

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Red Range Revamp/Update for SF2 4/28/2016


= For SF2, any and all (Full 4/5 Merged Reccomended)


This is a revamp/retile of Deuces original "Red Range" terrain. Like the original, it's a terrain set up so one may practice Ground Attack and Strike mission against various types of ground targets. Also, finally, there has been the addition of a large "water feature", so now you can practice Anti-shipping missions as well! This will allow you to become familiar with the various "Red" weapons, and their usages. REMINDER: there is NO Air-to-Air possible on this terrain. It is designed for attacking ground targets ONLY!!


** REMINDER: there is NO Air-to-Air possible on this terrain. It is designed for attacking ground targets ONLY!! Also, like its companion "The Range", this terrain is ONLY for Red Force usage. Trying to fly any Blue Force (US, NATO, etc) aircraft WILL result in lockups, CTDs and other unplesentness. **


I'm calling this "ver. 4" even though I'm unsure exactly what it should be called! The terrain has been completly retiled in "IME" style tiles. Where necessary (and wanted), a few new TODs has been made with better looking trees. For the most part, however, it's an empty terrain. Home Base has been dressed up a little, and changed to a Runway 4 (the very large airfield) so bomber aircraft can now be used. In keeping with the original concept, the amount of "eye candy" at Home Base is minimal.
Also included is a modified "Single Mission ini" that has had the minimum target values lowered, so the game engine can assign Strike missions against a wide variety of "lesser value" items. This file can be used in ANY mods folder, and will work for all types of single missions the game generates.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... Give the "notes" a browse, too! For those unfamiliar with the "cat pointer" lines, there are instructions on it's proper useage.


Good Hunting!!
Kevin Stein

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