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TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32 1.32

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About This File

The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.32 22 APR, 2017


What it is:
This is the F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32 Full. It includes addition of Direct Lift Control to the Flight Model, AI AIM-54 Phoenix Missiles, modified Iranian F-14 loadouts and other minor adjustments.






1. This was tested at July 2013 patch level, on an "All 5 Merged" install, as well as a "vanilla" SF2:NA install. Because it uses AvionicsF14A.dll, will require at least SF2:NA (or a TW F-14) to work! It will not work on Gen 1 sims, nor will it work correctly on pre-April 2012 installs! (Caveat: Avionics70.dll F-14D should work on pre-April patch levels).


2. It is HIGHLY recommended you back up your current F-14s to a back up folder. If you have extra skins installed and wish to keep your current folders, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to delete the cockpit folders from each aircraft folder after backing up, as this install features updated cockpits, and retention of the old folders will lead to artifacting on the RWR, VDI, and other systems. If you have custom skins installed, be sure to back up your F-14(A/A+/B/D).ini to preserve the texture set data.


1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V132.7z file into a folder.


1a. If you have installed the Avionics70 F-14D, ensure you back up the .ini files if you haven't renamed the bird, since this install will overwrite F-14D_92, 96 and 06!


2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g., C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)






4. Copy the contents of the unzipped Effects, Flight, Missions, Objects, and Sounds folders into your SF2 mod folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Effects, Flight, Missions, Objects\Aircraft, Objects\Weapons, etc).


4a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the flight manual for tactical employment of the F-14.


5. Go fly!


If this either a new install or an update to the F-14SP v1.30 or 1.31, follow the above procedure, allowing all files to overwrite. If this is an update to 1.14-1.22, follow step 3; for in-depth instructions, follow the F-14SP V132 Installation Instructions.pdf






-You may choose to use the Avionics70.dll F-14D for SAR mode on strike missions. If you wish to do so, see Section 6 of the F-14 SP Update V132 word document (Para 6.1-6.3) for install procedures and recommendations.




Aircraft Included:


F-14A (1974-1984, 1982-1995, 1996-2004)
Iranian F-14A (1977-2030)
F-14A+ (1987-1990)
F-14B (1991-1995, 1996-2005)
F-14D (1992-1995, 1996-2006, 2005-2006)




List of effective changes:


v1.32 22 Apr 2017


1. Added Direct Lift Control, based on Cliff7600's spoiler speedbreak mod
2. Added AI Phoenix missiles with Rmax of 65nm to improve AI F-14 Probability of Kill
3. Updated flight manual to reflect DLC change and AI AIM-54 (now 75pgs)
4. Assigned White external fuel tanks to F-14A_74 and F-14A_IR (IR does not carry externals by default)
5. Fixed White fuel tank capacity (was not adjusted with grey tank prior)
6. Updated Iranian F-14A loadouts to better match most current data from ACIG
7. Updated/Added Iranian AIM-7E-3 and AIM-9J models to equip Iranian F-14As
8. Changed F-14A_IR availability date to 2030


v1.31 1 Aug 2016


1. Updated engine static thrust to match NATOPS installed measurements
2. Updated flight manual to reflect thrust change


v1.30 11 Jun, 2016


1. Updated F-14A/B cockpit by Chris "ToS" with tweaks by Crusader & Caesar
2. Fixed radar scan elevation in VSL-Hi
3. Adjusted aircraft empty weights to remove gun ammo and trapped fuel
4. Added AI F-14s to improve AI survivability in a dogfight
5. Adjusted default gun tracking range to 1000ft/305m. Gun is now more accurate both with and without lock. (Crusader noticed & it was implemented)
6. Adjusted auto-departure numbers to allow the aircraft to fly and depart more naturally
7. Adjusted maximum altitude to provide player engines a buffer between 55,000 and 60,000 feet.
8. Updated cockpit avionics & weapon symbology
9. Updated Wing Sweep schedule and gave Glove Vanes smooth animation to match NATOPS
10. Reduced effectiveness of ALQ-100 & 126
11. Adjusted bands on the AN/ALR-45/50 to match published data
12. Adjusted AoA Indexer to match NATOPS (green = slow, yellow = on-speed, red = fast)
13. Adjusted F-14D_96 loadouts to remove extra AIM-7 loaded into Station 5 alongside AIM-54s
14. Adjusted Sedjil pylon allowable weight (was too low to equip missile)
15. Added inaugural cruise paint schemes for VF-1, -2, -14, -24, -32, -41, -84, -114, and -213
16. Adjusted avionics symbology
17. Added 74-page F-14 SP Flight Manual “F-14SP 01-F14ABD-1.pdf”
18. Fixed ACM Panel (Crusader)
19. Fixed F-14A_82 CAP loadout, which put the ALE-29/39 in the wrong location
20. Fixed jettison point of ECA/EFA to forward Phoenix Station 6R to match installed location
21. Changed skins to .jpeg format to significantly reduce size of mod without sacrificing detail
22. Adjusted external tank fuel quantities to 1800 lbs/tank (maximum internal and external fuel together now matches real-world 19,800lbs, rather than over 20,000lbs).
23. Adjusted engine thrust and Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC). The F110 had approximately 60% of the TF30’s SFC. The F110 was adjusted to lower SFC, while the TF30 was adjusted to increase SFC.






Model: Flying Toaster, Oli
Cockpit: Chris (original and new update) with tweaks by Crusader and Caesar
FM: ThirdWire, Caesar, Column5, Spectre8750, Cliff7600
Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
Pilots: Old_Diego, CrazyhorseB34
Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5, Caesar
NATOPS Textures: Chris
Extra Hangar and Loading Screens: Dave
Ejection Mod: Stary
Testing: Caesar, Sup Gen, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750, Saisran, Cougar_1979
Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others
New Phoenix: Ravenclaw
Manuals/Flight Manual: Caesar


===Dedidacted to Oli===

What's New in Version 1.32


  • 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.30, 1.31

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How do I make the glove vane stretch?

I'm guessing you mean deploy?  This is covered in the flight manual, but in F-14A_74, 82 and IR, the glove vane begins deploying at 1.35M and completes deployment at 1.45M.  So, to get them to come out, you have to be flying at beyond 1.35M in one of the three F-14As that have them active.

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Can you make one that DOESN'T require SF2 NA?

Not one that uses TWS in a correct manner!  Avionics70.dll has a basic TWS function, but it doesn't allow for multiple target designations, followed up by multiple AIM-54 shots.  I also don't know if the smooth wing animation, VDI functionality or "tape" HUD symbology (e.g. range, altitude) work without SF2:NA or AvionicsF14A.dll (I wouldn't think the wing animation would be affected by this).  What I will say is that the pack still includes the SAR-enabled F-14D, which uses Avionics70 (AvionicsF14A doesn't support the APG-70's SAR mode), so that one should work correctly without SF2:NA, but it also can't do multi-shot engagements with the Phoenix; it focuses more on the Strike role.

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On 10/15/2018 at 3:26 PM, Adams said:

Man where is ground radar are you joking thats an incomplete aircraft

Only the APG-71 had synthetic aperture radar for air-to-ground; the AWG-9 equipped Tomcat had basic software, CCIP and rudimentary air-to-ground support, which is represented.  However, even with the APG-71, the game's avionics file that allows for the air-to-air modes used by the F-14 (AvionicsF14A.dll) does not allow for air-to-ground modes to be used.  Avionics70 does, but does not allow for true track-while-scan/multi-target engagement, so we used AvionicsF14A.  The problem is not the mod, it's how the game handles avionics.  If it ever gets updated (which I strongly doubt it will), and it allowed both the air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of the APG-71, you can bet we'd update the mod to add it.  As it stands, it cannot.

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On 14/09/2019 at 3:43 PM, Foxtrott said:

Where can i find the file Avionics70 F-14D.dll ?

Great work, Sir, great work.


Did you isntall North Atlantic ?

It is there

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On 9/10/2019 at 7:55 PM, PhantomF4J said:

F-14A+ never used AG weapons, F-14A and F-14B used AG weapons in 1995.


The F-14A+ is the F-14B.  They are literally the same jet.  The designation "F-14A+" [or "F-14A(PLUS)"] was changed to F-14B in 1991 to avoid confusion.  

On 9/24/2019 at 7:31 AM, Foxtrott said:

No, i don't it. Thank you for your answer. I will install North Atlantic and look for this file.


Avionics70.dll is available in all versions of SF2.  AvionicsF14A.dll is only available in North Atlantic.  The Avionics70.dll is only used in a strike version of the F-14D we kept in there as legacy content, and it doesn't have the same air-to-air capabilities as the rest of the pack, which uses AvionicsF14A.dll.  So, I believe the Avionics70 file should already be in your game if you installed North Atlantic.

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As always this pack is a amazing! Always a joy to fly my favorite plane but  I do have one question regarding the F-14D. Seeing how one of the A-6 Intruder mods can be used with Razbam's cockpit. Would it be possible to port over the F-14D cockpit from Dino Cattaneo's F-14 if he gave his permission?

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On 1/31/2020 at 6:55 PM, Musashi311 said:

As always this pack is a amazing! Always a joy to fly my favorite plane but  I do have one question regarding the F-14D. Seeing how one of the A-6 Intruder mods can be used with Razbam's cockpit. Would it be possible to port over the F-14D cockpit from Dino Cattaneo's F-14 if he gave his permission?

Glad you're enjoying the pack.  As to a different cockpit, you could probably drop a different one in, but I have no idea about how to port a cockpit to work in ThirdWire games from a different format/game.  

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this pack is a amazing! and with help my friend @ logan4  i can move the engine nuzzle ring for victor trust, but something very annoying me is the RWR in this game, in real world when enemy use his radar in TWS mod we can not understand he lock on us and when fire but when missile's Radar goes pitbull, the RWR most show we have in coming treat, but in this game i don't know how to fix it....

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