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About This File

This is F-14A Tomcat as after 1979 in Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.
This is based on Thirdwire DLC 027. So if you dont have this pack you can't use this mod.


Whats in.
This is basicly the skin and decals set For F-14A_Iran from DLC027.
Skin is based on pappychksix templates


All decals are made by me and set to randomization=TRUE.
Ive put only 72 serial numbers into 3 squadrons that operated F-14A in 79-80.
Al numbers are historicaly correct, but only few are proper for specific unit.
During Iran-Iraq war lot aircrafts were transfered from unit to unit or temporary written off so its hard to track proper aircraft placement in units.
few aircrafts were also serving in testing units. So total aircrafts in service in 1979 was probably around 70.


No weapons / pilots added. It will work with latest ravenclaw weapons for sure.


There is optional folder with INI files. Its is mix of inis based on TMF F-14 pack.
And also pit is from TMF pack.
So all credit to them for their work.
Credits to pappychksix for F-14 Templates from here => http://combatace.com/files/file/13567-hi-rez-f-14a-tomcat-templates/
Cockpit: Chris (original and new update) with tweaks by Crusader and Caesar
FM: ThirdWire, Caesar, Column5, Spectre8750
Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
Ejection Mod: Stary

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