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So, are you eclectic?

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:biggrin: Say, several different genres?


Im sure this has been asked before but what other games besides sims are on your harddrive? Better yet; which are your favorites?


Now of course, Im a big fan of SFP1 and First Eagles. I also fly IL2 a LOT. But other than sims, I am a nut for the Combat Mission series and am getting more fond of CM:SF as I play it and use the mission builder more.




I also always liked Talonsofts' Campaign Series; had all three "fronts" plus Divided Ground. So broke down and bought the Matrix version and have been fighting my way thru several campaigns and having quite a bit of fun.


Also a nut for Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, any version, Homeworld 2, and Battlefield 1942.



Get some mileage out of Nascar also. There's about 2 dozen other games on the HDD but these are the ones I play most.


Soooo, ya think Im hooked? :blink: :yes:

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I play wayyyy too many games. Some others:


Battlefield 2, Battlezone 2(and its bazillion mods), Call of Duty (all), Combat Flight Simulator 3 (MAW and OFF) , Doom 3, Far Cry, Fear, GRAW, GT Legends, GTR 2, IL2 1946, Neverwinter Nights, Oblivion, Stalker: SoC, HL2 (+EP1/2), TF2, Counter Strike Source, Rome Total War, UT2k4, X3 Reunion, Guild Wars, Halo, Mechwarrior 4 (all), Silent Hunter 3 and 4, Splinter Cell, Starshatter, Dungeon Seige, Bioshock, Crysis, Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth, EECH, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Quake 4, Titan Quest, Supreme Commander, Star Wars KOTOR, and World in Conflict.

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I've only got Strike Fighters on my itty-bitty little HD, that's all it can handle. Pathetic, I know, but the only other computer game I'm interested in is Flight Sim, and you need a freaking supercomputer to run it. If I ever get a new comp, though, I wanna try Falcon 4.0 and Xplane, they look good.


I'm not a fan of shooters, because I'd much rather go paintballing or lazer tagging, and I don't play driving games because I could just go rip up the local go-cart track instead or go ride my dirtbike. For me, the only objective my computer has is to fill the void created by the fact that I am not yet a pilot.

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i too am extremly eclectic. i can get into anything, so, other than flight sims, I've played and loved CM Shock Force too (i even preordered it and stuck with it despite all the bugs), all kinds of rpg-s (the older kind like Fallout 1 and 2, Planescape or Morrowind), huge fan of the Civilization and Total War series (ever since Shogun, with my favorite being Rome TW), space sims (Starlancer, Freelancer) and an occasional first person shooter (Serious Sam 1 and 2, Quake series, and the best shooters ever Call of Duty 2 and 4).

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Oh yes, next to WoE sitting on my hdd are a few other games (though I've played many other in the past):


Operation Flashpoint, Anarchy Online, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Earth 2160, and Bootfighter. I'm considering reinstalling Mechwarrior 3 Gold Edition (best of the series IMHO), since I'm also a big mecha fan (one could tell from the addons I use in Operation Flashpoint :biggrin: ), and maybe Serious Sam, just to let it rip without having to worry or think too hard after a day at work... :haha: Oh and Vice City too, just for that 80's feel of paradisic lifestyle... being summer and all... :good:

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Yup, Mech warrior 2 was the last I had and it was pretty cool. Loved it when I got hit and everything shook. Someone also mentioned RPG's. My wife and I played Dungeonsiege all the way thru. That was fun. I forgot to mention I always liked the Age of Empires series, espesially AOE2. Havent tried AOE3 yet but hear its great. Been playing instead Rise of Nations; THATS a good civ builder game.


Know what ya mean Jimmy, I have got to play a few rounds of COD4 everyday...lol.

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I'm currently replaying an old FPS, Contract JACK, having replayed the other 2 in the series NOLF1 and NOLF2.

Games on my HD now:

Contract JACK

Company of Heroes

Race 07

Armed Assault

All TW sims


F4: AF


ET:Quake Wars


Sins of a Solar Empire

Rise of Nations

SW: Empire at War

SW: Jedi Academy


LEGO Indiana Jones (time waster)

Dangerous Waters








Games I've recently finished:

Tron 2

FEAR + both addons



Deus Ex


R6 Vegas

Doom 3

Serious Sam 2

HL2 Ep1/2/Portal (Orange Box)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Thief 2


Getting ready to replay:

MOH: Pacific Assault

Quake 4


SW: Republic Commando


Coming soon:

STALKER: Clear Sky

Crysis Warhead

Project Origin

Storm of War

Black Shark

GTR Evolution

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Eclectic? Eh...no...those muscle magazines are so I can perfect my form, man...seriously stay out of my closet.



So long and thanks for all of the fish!

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