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(The Mirage Factory's F-84F with new lines, rivets, skin... Based on pappychksix's templates and whiteknight06604 and Spinners fictional Thunderstreak FGA2 SEA Skins.)


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Thank to Sheriff001's Australian Buccaneer S22 available in the SF2 section, I finally had a good skin to use for a Rhodesian Buccaneer !




Doing so, I discovered how the Rhodesian serial numbers were made :

R 6125
R 1626
R 1267
R 1286
R 1269
R 1630
R 6131
R 1632

(these ones are fictious as Rhodesia never flew the Buccaneer, and I made up a 6th squadron)
[Edit : there were an actual 6th squadron, flying Jet Provost, so I changed the 6 to 9]

Clever way to make serial numbers ^^
I love to learn new stuff like that.

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Wolf257's old B-17F & G models with repainted lines and skins from the SF1 download library. 






Thanks to the artists of the original skins.

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Tuskegee Airman Lee Archer's favorite ride.


(Scrapper's SF1 skin for Wolf257's P-51D fitted to Wolf257's P-51B model.)

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Patroling the Mediterranean sea with the mighty Merlin
Reaffirming the supremacy of the British Empire over the seven seas
Converting british tax payers' money into pure TF-30 sound and fury
Finally passed that damn license driving exam



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