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Earlier I was doing some web research and tinkering with the weapons files settings. When testing them out I was flying single missions in SF2 flying a stock A-7E. All of a sudden when the mission loads fully I see is the wreckage model of the A-7 in what appears to be the bottom left edge of the terrain (check out the screenshot) with Red Crown telling me my mission's failed. OK, I thought; I'll leave the A-7 til later to check out and switch to another aircraft in the meantime. Guess what? Same story. I try this with three different aircraft and get the same results.


post-29988-040792100 1282605564.jpg


I don't get this one bit! No matter what airfield I fly from; no matter what aircraft I use, I always end up at the same co-ordinates in a smouldering heap. I know it's not the terrain cos I've tried out the Madagascar terrain and the game just crashed on me.

I checked out my SF2V and SF2E installs and they're OK (thank f**k). This just seemed to happen out of the blue. And the only files I was editing were the weapons INIs via the WeaponEditor.


Ideas anyone?

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I seem to recall something similar happening some time ago, but don't recall the cause.


The only thing that niggles my noggin was carrier based issues.


When you look at the briefing map, do you see the waypoints starting and stopping at the extreme bottom left edge?

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Solved my 'problem', which started occuring due to a typing error in the weaponeditor. I had the diameter of a bomb at '396000' instead of 0.396000 :oops: All appears to be well on that end now


While going throught the web researching different types of cluster bombs I discovered that some models of the CBU-24 were shaped like mppd's modded cbu-24model, while other versions were shaped like the stock SUU-30 model. I was trying to appy these different versions when this clerical f**k up occured.

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Oh No! Not the dread 396 kilometer diameter bomb issue! Anything but that!

Edited by Fubar512

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No one expects the dreaded 396 kilometer diameter bomb issue!

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It's quite interesting actually. I always thought the SUU-30B dispenser had just the one shape and size but when I saw different pictures of them in books and on the web I decided to look into it further:



mppd's revised CBU-24B model / SUU-30A/B dispenser web diagram:

post-29988-082075100 1282641622.jpg post-29988-038405800 1282641715.jpg


TW's stock CBU-24B model / SUU-30B/B dispenser web diagram:

post-29988-036626600 1282641944.jpg post-29988-040944600 1282641917.jpg




The SUU-30( )/B was used for the following cluster bombs:


  • CBU-24/B (665 BLU-26/B or BLU-36/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-24A/B (665 BLU-26B or BLU-36/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-24B/B (665 BLU-26/B or BLU-36/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-24C/B (665 BLU-26/B or BLU-36/B in SUU-30C/B)
  • CBU-29/B (670 BLU-36/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-29A/B (670 BLU-36/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-29B/B (670 BLU-36/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-29C/B (670 BLU-36/B in SUU-30C/B)
  • CBU-49/B (670 BLU-59/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-49A/B (670 BLU-59/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-49B/B (670 BLU-59/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-49C/B (670 BLU-59/B in SUU-30C/B)
  • CBU-52/B (217 BLU-61A/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-52A/B (217 BLU-61A/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-52B/B (217 BLU-61A/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-53/B (670 BLU-70/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-54/B (670 BLU-68/B in SUU-30B/B)
  • CBU-58/B (650 BLU-63/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-58A/B (650 BLU-63A/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-62/B (M38 grenades in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-63/B (2025 M40A1 fragmentation bomblets in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-68/B (BLU-48/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-70/B (79 BLU-85/B in SUU-30/B)
  • CBU-71/B (650 BLU-86/B in SUU-30A/B)
  • CBU-71A/B (650 BLU-86A/B in SUU-30A/B)

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