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What If Screenshot Thread.......

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1 hour ago, SayWhatt said:

'Night Hustler'...? Isn't that basically a pimp? :wink:

My girls say no.


Mandatory Screenie


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I did this little thingy here mostly for fun. Some of you may have heard about a Polish project of a light combat aircraft/advanced trainer called Grot 2. I decided to bring it to SF2 using the Su-54 model made by @cocas. The aircraft has some weird glitches around air intakes and one of the horizontal stabs works in the opposite direction but... it's still cool anyway. I still need to finish the skin as for now it's mostly only camo, panel lines and very basic weathering.



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DASA MJF-41 "Möwe"

The Marinejagdflugzeug-41 Möwe (Seagull) was a licence produced Yak-41 for the first german aircraft carrier "Walther Scheel". It entered the service in 1995.


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North American Vigilante S.1 - No.49 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 1968

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1976. Two Imperial Iranian Air Force BAC Thunderstrike Mk.52's (the export variant broadly similar to the standard RAF Thunderstrike S.2) launch on a recon probe of Soviet defences on the northern border of Iran...




With the shores of the Caspian Sea in the background the Thunderstrikes use the hills for terrain masking from Soviet radar




The Cold War is at it's height, and the ELINT and SIGINT 'take' from the sortie will be shared with NATO and the Shah's Persian Gulf allies.


Persistent rumours that RAF instructors on secondment to the IIAF have been participating in these missions have never been confirmed.....


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Sukhoi Su-21FI

Simple single engine frontline fighter, based on S-37 project.


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