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In the The Scandinavian Front Office...

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...there are heated discussions about what to do next:

(All comics from http://satwcomic.com btw, all glory to humon :)


Like about the Campaign we never did...


Ah yes, Canada and Denmark's epic battle for Hans Island.


Hans Island is the smallest of three islands not far from Greenland's coast, and Canada and Denmark have been fighting over it for years.


War ships from both sides patrol the area, and when they encounter each other they...show their flags.

When the soldiers leave the ships they...take the other side's flag down and raise their own.

Sometimes they leave a bottle of whiskey too.


Quite possibly the tamest war ever, yet USA and Sweden have tried their best to make the sides hate each other. USA's media have had stories about Denmark "invading Canadian soil" and Swedish media had a few stories about it as well and later comedians called Danish politicians and pretended to be Canadian politicians.


So far it haven't really worked. :XD:


Our attempt to bring Denmark into the mod had some side effects:



The reason for the war explained in simple terms:



And this is why we cannot deploy air units on Aeland:


It would make the entire campaign way, way to easy ;-)


During the Finnish war Russia chased the Swedish soldiers off of Åland. Then they went home, but left about 450 well trained soldiers behind in case the Swedes would come back. The soldiers started getting bossy and tried commanding the Ålanders around and make them harvest their grain for them. The Ålanders were not happy about that at all, so a few sneaked back to Sweden and said, “They want us to work for them, but we will stay faithful to the Swedish king. We are ready to do anything, but we need help!”

The Swedes wanted to help, but could only effort to send a few soldiers and guns for the farmers. With their new weapons the Ålanders, all farmers who had no military training whatsoever, sneaked up on the Russian soldiers and surprised them. In fact the Ålanders were so vicious and good that the Russians thought they were up against an army of Swedish soldiers and decided to surrender.

Across from the battlefield the Ålanders looked confused on as Russians started waving white flags. Because they had no military training they didn’t understand the signal, and just kept shooting! The Russiand must have thought they were crazy. :XD:

It didn’t stop before some Swedish soldiers saw what was going on and told them to stop. Great was the Russians’ humiliation when they realised they had surrenders to farmers! :XD:

Only three people dired during the battle.


Sweden was so very proud of Åland that day. :D


As [link] put it: “So don't mess with Åland. The only reason he has agreed to all the non-fortification and non-militarisation treaties since the Crimean war and the destruction of Bomarsund is that he is so badass that he does not need them.” ;)

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love the drawing of Finland-guy sitting there armed to the teeth, from artistic point purely

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I'll never understand the obsession over meaningless lumps of rock. As shown, it can be very silly.

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