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Hawker Hunter F Mk.58A Swiss Air Force

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Hawker Hunter F Mk.58A Swiss Air Force

Hawker Hunter F Mk.58A as used in the Swiss Air Force from 1978 up to 1994


this mod is based on the TW Hunter9 so you need SF2Europe or a fully merged SF2 for it


NOTE: you need Patch Nov2011 or later to make this work it could work from patch jun2011 but it was never fully tested


to install:

- just drag and drop the content of the folders in to the respective folders of you mod game installation , overwrite if asked to



- there is no radar or tv screen , so to fire the AGM-65 put the gunsight on the target and release the weapon

- dont select in the loadoutmenu 1x AIM-9B or 1x AIM 9P always select 2x


Included are :

- highres skins 2048x2048 jpeg

- Martin Baker Mk3 ejection seat , color grey or black

- cockpit detail set

- tailpipe detail set

- airframe detail set

- swiss weapon set

- working RWR in the cockpit

- chaff /flare dispenser



- Thirdwire / TK for the Hunter9

- Old Diego for the pilot HGU26AW

- Soulfreak for the templates , skins , hangarscreens , loadingscreens and testing

- ravenclaw_007 for 3d-work , weapons , skins , ini. editing and testing

- paulopanz for testing

- 76.IAP-Blackbird for testing

- dast24 for testing


i hope i did not miss anybody , in case i did let my know


Have Fun


your GMG


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Volker+Carlo :groupwave: a dream team!


No Hawker Hunter has such "sabrinas" ! :hyper:

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Nice 1 guys...always quality work here,you do.wouldnt expect anything less. top marks.hunters are awesome a\c

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Nice! :good:


now if we only had swiss hornets in a similar quality :blush:


(sorry, I just was dreaming...)

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