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Hello Folks,


I've just downloaded FE 2 and I like it :air_kiss:

Seems to be a lot of fun to play!

Now I just want to use some good Mods. I've seen there are so many different here!


Which Mods do you recommend? How do I install them? I've tried some small Mods already, but they don't work.

I'm specially interested in long Campaigns, Graphics and Sound Replacements and of course new Planes!


Please excuse my bad English, I'm from Germany :bye:


Any Help appreciated...

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First Eagles 2 uses the same basic techniques as Strike Fighters 2. When you read the SF2 Knowledge Base: http://combatace.com/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ , you will understand how FE2 is modded.


Here is the link on where the FE2 mods are located (just remember subsitute FE2 for every place it says SF2):


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Hi and wellkommen!


As Panama says, many mods are made for First Eagles ('FE1') or First Eagles Gold rather than First Eagles 2. These FE1 mods will nearly all work in FE2 (except for some clouds and other mods -I think FE2 uses a different particle system). But to get them to work, you have to install them in a different folder - which players call the 'mod' folder, tho that is not its real name! This is explained here:




For some planes designed for FE1, you also have to copy some files into a 'decals' folder. This is explained in the readmes for the planes made by stephen1918, which have instructions for installation in both FE1 and FE2. If you don't do this, the plane is fine but some or all markings do not appear.


The mods I would recommend are:


1. all the World War 1 add-on planes here at CombatAce;


2. all the WW1 addon planes at A Team Skunkworks http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ - you MUST register to get access to the real download page and you MUST take SPECIAL care to read AND follow their strict download rules;


3. Peter01's set of Flight Model mods (for use with the 'Hard' Flight Model setting, in 'Options', which is recommended), available here at CombatAce. Some add-on planes are built only for the relaxed 'Normal' flight model setting and need this mod to fly right, if you use the better 'Hard' setting (note that Peter01's FM mod also significantly reduces the effectiveness of rear gunners; I didn't like this and have hand-edited these back to the original values, which make gunners quite scary and dangerous, but manageable with care);


4. the Flanders terrain, and the Bloody April campaign to go with it, here at Combatace;


5. Ojcar's Armchair Aces campaigns (here at CombatAce) and the mods that he recommends in the readme for these (some available here, some at the A Team Skunkworks);


Also, whatever other mods you like! I like the default FE2 terrain which looks very like what I see, when I look out my windows at the countryside here in Northern Ireland. But I know many prefer Jan Tuma's terrains. I also like the dramatic effect of the cloud mods discussed in this thread, which also illustrate some of the add-on planes:




It can take a LONG time to get FE2 modded and all the mods working right, but it is very well worthwhile; so be patient, take your time, and back up your downloads! Because it is especially good at dogfighting and patrol-leading, and can be played at 'Hard' settings with all the on-screen aids turned off (hit Ctrl+D twice to clear the screen and use the 'Hard' difficulty settings on everything except enemy skill, as the latter makes them too deadly for your wingmen) and also because of all the mods which give it by far the greatest planeset and campaign variety, FE2 is the best of the current trio of WW1 air combat sims.

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Hi Andy73


Welcome to First Eagles!


Firstly, Thumbs Up for SoundTweakIII. :good: I don't have OFF but I use a lot of the sounds here in FE2, cool stuff.


I would recommend getting the Environmental stuff first, check out 'Getting Started'. I really like Jan Tuma's seasonal Tiles, so clever! and for the sky: Stary's SARCASM mod and PanamaRed's Realistic Sky together look awesome. Also AA MGs and 37mm AAA spice it up. And Stephen1918s AAA & Infantry are a must too!


SO much cool stuff here to download. :frantic:


Also once you get your head round the mods folder system, get the Catpack Extractor and you can start unpacking and playing around, making your own paintjobs and changing the planes in the stock campaigns etc.


All the Best.




PS. It's definitely worth trawling and searching the forum, as there are lots of little random topics that help explain things. And I think some things like the sky mods are in the forum but not in the download section. Good luck!

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Thanks for your Answers :biggrin:


I am trying to "go" into this Game. Seems to be not very difficult to Mod it. I've already changed the Engine Sounds :blind:


BTW SpinyNorman, you are the only one who said "THANK YOU" officially for my OFF Sound Tweak. I was really dissapointed about the Fact that no one (and really NO ONE) gave me some Feedback. Three Months of Work for nothing. I've tweaked some other Sound Files for OFF (only for my personal Use, and believe me, they are perfect), and I am giving Over Flanders Fields a full Blast every Day on my 7.1 Home System, when I am at home. It's truly worth it :air_kiss: I don't know if People use my Sound Tweak 3, and I do not bother with it in the meantime or anywhere, the only thing I know is that I will make a Sound Mod for Phase 4 ONLY FOR MYSELF, and for some American Guys from the OFF Forum, which I like.They helped me converting my Files into JSGME.


FE2 is a nice Game! I've installed many Planes!

I am trying to install now some Ground Units :biggrin:

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Hello, Andy! I'm also using a lot of your sounds (soundtweak I and II I think, I still didn't try soundtweak III) in my FE2 install (alongside with Nix ones) and the game is much better than before, so a BIG thank you for your work. I didn't know it's OK to you to use your mod in other game than OFF.


Plenty of mods there for this game, but plenty of essential planes in http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1 as well, so try to have download permission (no problem if you ask politely, have a little patience waiting answer and follow the site rules).


When you are OK with all the mods you'll install maybe you can give us your opinion about the game comparing with OFF (no flame wars, please, only curiosity).

Edited by ojcar

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OJCAR, of course it is okay if you use my Sounds! I'm happy to see people like my Work!

I will make a small report the next Days :beach:

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Welcome Andy73! I've downloaded some of your sounds (I didn't think about OFF sounds being used in FE until I saw Panama Red's post.) I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts here in First Eagles.

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