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Lothar Maps

This mod offers several alternative in-game maps for Over Flanders Fields based on modern Google imaging:


Lothar Google Map – Google’s Terrain map illustrating basic topography with modern cities and roads, much of which hasn’t changed from a map-eye view over the past century. While there’s a hint of the underlying topography, this is generally best for flying by human landmarks.


Lothar Google Earth – Google Earth satellite imagery was a long way from even hypothetical during the Great War, so this mod applies diffusion and texture filters for a slight painted canvas map effect. Important locations are marked as on the stock OFF map, but overall this is best for just flying by terrain.


Lothar Google Mix – This simply overlays the two above maps with transparency. Things may not line up exactly, especially at the extremes of the map, but overall this provides a subtler view of the road and city detail of the Google Map with more of the geographical richness of the satellite view.


In any case, the result is vastly more detailed, accurate, and useful than the stock OFF map, despite the occasional anachronism. Try them all to see which you prefer on utilitarian and aesthetic merits. And have fun exploring with fresh eyes the amazing terrain Over Flanders Fields and beyond!



Over Flanders Fields



JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler 2.6.0:



Installation and Usage:

The installer automatically extracts the mod folders into your OFF JSGME mods folder if OFF and JSGME are installed correctly. JSGME will be run when installation is complete, just activate the ‘Lothar Google Map’ or ‘Lothar Google Earth’ or ‘Lothar Google Mix’ folder to enable the mod. It only makes sense to activate one of the map mods at a time, but you can easily switch between them with JSGME.


Notes: The front no longer displays in the Briefing Room, but does so (and more accurately) on the in-flight map.





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      Dear Pilots!

      In today’s DD we have three new things to show you. First, we have some screenshots of our Normandy Map which is coming together nicely. It’s looking very scenic! Second, we have developed the technology to launch a V-1 “Buzz Bomb” from fixed installations. They will make great targets for mission designers. And finally, we have been working on the technology necessary to portray amphibious landings which is necessary for Normandy.

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      View File Open Atlantic terrain HFD
      Open AtlanticTerrain HFD v.1.1
      This terrain is written for SF2NA
      I. Short description:
      The terrain covers the open Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland. It is a mod of the Open Ocean Carrier Battle
      Map terrain.
      It is made for slower computers, thatswhy it use no LOD based terrain, but the old HFD.
      Changes to previous version:
      - starting positions of the carriers are variable now
      - 2 more recon points
      - changed the sides on the map. Soviets starts west, NATO starts east (to simulate a carrier duell NW of Scottland)
      Unzip all files into your Wings StrikeFighters2 /terrain folder.
      Thats it.
      III. Credits. I want to say thank you to JonathanRL who made the original Open Ocean Carrier Battle
      IV. This Terrain is Freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.
      For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.
      Hope you enjoy it.
      Michael (Gepard)
      Made in Germany
      02 June 2014
      Submitter Gepard Submitted 03/23/2014 Category Full Terrains  

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