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Italian Front (WIP)

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Extremely struggling with the targets.ini file


All the ground_objects have names like 'French....' and/or 'German....' or 'British....'...which does not look right

Additionally downloaded all availables ground units here from the download section and made a mess in the types.ini file (mixed up too many things)


On the positive side all the 'basic' things like buildings, tents, roads, airfields, balloons, etc. look currently right


oohh dear thought it finished after positioning all the tiles, but it's just the beginning.



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Looking great! Who needs the air combat, as well? When this comes out, I'll be quite happy just sight-seeing and admiring the great scenery, for at least the first week!

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Hi everyone,


not sure how many of you are still reading/scanning the progress of this terrain, or checking in from time to time in regards of FirstEagles (have the impression that the interrest dropped somehow...but maybe that's me).


Just finished reading through a couple of memoirs, so I'm not in a too good/positive mood. Perhaps I've to stop for a while working on the italian front (or at least stop reading books about it).


Someone mentioned sightseeing by using this map. Sadly based on the limitations of the game-engine we can't have something similar to MS-FS, but at least the height-map can help simulating and the rest is your personal imagination.


So based on this, I took off near Udine with Captain Ruffo di Calabria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulco_Ruffo_di_Calabria) and we headed north towards the Isonzo valley.


Monte Re or Mount Matajur (slovenian)



(On 26th of October 1917 Oberleutnant Erwin Rommel captured the mountain with 100 men, against an Italian force of over 7000.)


Caporetto or Kobarid (slovenian)




(The Battle of Caporetto (also known as the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo or the Battle of Karfreit as it was known by the Central Powers), took place from 24 October to 19 November 1917, near the town of Kobarid (now in Slovenia), on the Austro-Italian front of World War I. The battle was named after the Italian name of the town of Kobarid (known as Karfreit in German).
Austro-Hungarian forces, reinforced by German units, were able to break into the Italian front line and rout the Italian army, which had practically no mobile reserves. The battle was a demonstration of the effectiveness of the use of stormtroopers and the infiltration tactics developed in part by Oskar von Hutier. The use of poison gas by the Germans played a key role in the collapse of the Italian Second Army.)


Upper Isonzo valley


We continue the flight with Ruffo down the Isonzo valley, with Caporetto now on our six-o-clock. The majority of bridges are all destroyed and we've to be carefull since everywhere there are machine guns on the slopes between the trees.


Monte Nero or Mount Krn (slovenian)


We're flying low in the valley below Monte Nero (literally the black mountain). High up traces of trechnes in the snow are visible.


Upper Isonzo valley


AAA batteries start firing while we're still following the Isonzo river southwards. The batteries are near Tolmino on the northern slope of the valley occupied by Austrian forces.


Upper Isonzo valley


Still following the river southwards


Upper Isonzo valley


Left side of our aircrafts under Austrian control and the right side Italian. But things will soon change I fear!


Monte Vodice or Vòdice (slovenian)



On our left we see mount Vodice where extreme bitter fighting takes place.


Monte Sabotino or Sabotin (Slovenian)


Numerous trenches visible where the Italians are bitterly fighting.

(Sabotin Hill represented an important defence point defending Gorizia during the Soča/Isonzo offensives. It was defended by the Austro-Hungarian 58th division. Pietro Badoglio assigned general Guiseppe Venturi's 45th division to capture Sabotin Hill in the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo. On 6 August 1916, after a brief and bloody battle, the hill was captured by the Italians.)


Near San Floriano del Collio


On our right we see, or rather should see, San Floriano del Collio a small town completely destroyed by the war.


Gorizia or Gorica (Slovenian)


Still not captures by the Italian army. Fighting still ongoing below us in the river valley.


Karst Plateau or Carso (Italian)



South of Gorizia: The bloody Karst plateau below us, with its various trenches and the bitter fighting everywhere...and not one meter is gained..


Lower Isonzo valley


The battle is raging everywhere. Beware of the flak!




Ships burning near the coast. Flak is extremely strong here. High concentration of Austrian troops to hold the town at all costs. Following the coastline the highest price of all awaits the Italians...Triest!


Trainstation Grado


From Grado near at the Adriatic coast we turn north towards Udine and our airfield.




Udine is bristling with troops, trucks, guns and all sorts of army equipment.






Edited by gterl

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With this terrain, FE/FE2 will be the ONLY WW1 flight game with the Italian Front !!!!!  There are no other WW1 flight games (past or present) that have this theatre, so this will be a first. :air_kiss:

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Lonely moon...



South of Gorizia



Tents near a lonely church



Flying home at dusk



Following the river home



Aerial cover WW1 style



Nearing the target, flak getting nasty



Target hit



Flying home.....



Battle in the mountains, note the smoke ...battle going on


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AI does have a problem with getting over mountains. I'm sure there is something in the aircrafts' Data.ini under the AI parameter that can help with this. In the Vogesen terrain I have had problems with flights of AI bombers and recon planes hitting the mountain sides resulting in landing or crashing. They do try to get over the mountains though. Just not hard enough I guess.

gterl, will you be making the "Strategic Nodes" for the terrains' Data.ini?

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Yes I did many tests in this regard and the AI has definitely a problem flying over mountains.

OTOH I did NOT experience more crashes than on the Vogesen terrain (pls keep in mind: I've never seen fighters crash on mountain sides, there were always bombers/recon planes).

So overall IMHO it's NOT an immersion-killer.

Actually the AI does a pretty good job taking off and landing on the airfields in the valleys.

Just make sure you've the FMs that can be found here (that helps a lot), otherwise I've seen them crash more often.

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I think a modded Missioncontrol.ini can be very useful to an Italian map install. You can change the minimal flight altitude this way

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Yes, it will change the entire game, but I think everybody has separated installs (Western Front, Palestine, Eastern Front, Italy, North Sea...) so be free to experiment.  You must extract the file, mod it to your taste and put the file in the Flight folder. There is a missioncontrol.ini in the Armchair Aces Redux package (I modded it  to have slower promotions to the player's pilot).

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It's going to be the best terrain ever designed for any of the Thirdwire sims.

I'll agree with that! It's amazing what a well constructed terrain can do.


I can appreciate what gterl is going through with placing the targets. Many moons ago when I was massively into SF1 I had a go at making a Persian Gulf terrain (http://combatace.com/topic/10692-new-terrain/ - lost everything in an HD crash!) and I remember laboriously placing the airfields and changing the tiles.



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This is what i was hoping for when I did the Hamriot skins way back in the Palolithic Age.

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- New tiles

- Carso re-done

- New frontline (slightly more historical correct) on the southern part , e.g. Carso area and Gorizia closer to the Isonzo

- Moved Gorizia

- Moved various targets into historical correct positions

- Movements.ini done....lots of stuff in there


To do:

- Decided to use real-life names for small towns (used phantasy names, have to correct targets.ini)

- Due to new frontline, etc. new planning-map needs to be done

- Various clean-ups within ini files (remove all unused comments)

- Various clean-up regarding files, removing dublicates, etc.

- Height map still needs to be fixed for a couple of aerodromes

- ...and I guess other 10'000 things which are still not 100% correct












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