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North American F-100H Super Sabre - Hellenic Air Force, 1971

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336 Mira "Olymbos" - Aegean Ghost Scheme





338 Mira "Ares"







340 Mira "Aleppou"







341 Mira "Velos"







The aegean ghost scheme is just for eyecandy, since at the early 1970s it was not invented



The serial numbers are loosely designed following this greek Starfighter:



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I am obliged to agree with Blackbird, the grey skins are very nice, good work.


Greece didn't have F-100s but that's why these are in the "What if" files.

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like the zippers, they'd still carry the USAF buzz numbers, so the "FW" would still be correct. simple deacl change


the ghost skin looks GOOD!

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So "FG" stands for the Zipper? Then I'll change it accordingly prior to release.

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jajajaja nice work Val, maybe another what if for Spanish Air Force, i like your work, bye bye

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this has been posted before, and the full text file is in a listing I upload (prolly in 1stGen downloads somewhere) or all USN BuNums from 1920-1985


AA - Douglas A-24 > F-24, FA

AB - Curtiss A-25

AC - Douglas A-26 > B-26, BC

AD - Vultee A-31

AE - Convair XA-41

BA - Boeing B-17, Boeing B-57

BB - Douglas XB-19A, Douglas B-66

BC - Consolidated B-24, Douglas B-26 < A-26

BD - North American B-25

BE - North American B-45 > BH

BF - Boeing B-29

BG - Consolidated B-32, Northrop B-35

BH - Lockheed B-37, North American B-45 < BE

BJ - Boeing XB-39

BK - Douglas XB-42, Boeing B-50

BL - Boeing XB-44

BM - Convair B-36

BTE - Vultee BT-13*

CA - Beech CQ-3

CB - Beech C-43

CC - Beech C-45

CD - Curtiss C-46

CE - Douglas C-47

CF - Douglas C-48

CG - Douglas C-49

CH - Douglas C-53

CJ - Douglas C-54

CK - Lockheed C-60

CL - Noorduyn C-64

CM - Lockheed C-69

CN - Douglas C-74

CP - Cessna C-78, Convair C-131

CQ - Fairchild C-82, Fairchild C-119

CR - Consolidated C-87

CS - Boeing C-97

CT - Convair XC-99

CU - Douglas C-117

CV - Douglas C-118

CW - Lockheed C-121

CY - Chase C-122

CZ - Fairchild C-123

(F- "Photographic" designation in the next 8 discontinued in 1948):

FA - Beech F-2

FB - Lockheed F-5

FC - North American F-6 > F-51, FF

FD - Consolidated F-7

FE - Boeing F-9 > B-17, BA

FF - North American F-10 > B-25, BD

FG - Boeing F-13 > B-29, BF

FH - Northrop F-15 > F-61, FK

(P- "Pursuit" ended in 1948, became F- "Fighter"):

FA - Lockheed P-38, Douglas F-24 < A-24, Lockheed F-94

FB - Bell P-39, McDonnell F-101

FC - Curtiss P-40, Convair F-102

FD - Curtiss XP-42, Republic F-103

FE - Republic P-47, Convair F-106

FF - North American P-51

FG - Curtiss XP-55, Lockheed F-104

FH - Lockheed XP-58, Republic F-105

FJ - Bell P-59

FK - Northrop P-61

FL - Bell P-63

FM - Fisher P-75

FN - Lockheed P-80 > FT

FP - Convair XP-81

FQ - North American P-82

FR - Bell XP-83

FS - Republic F-84

FT - Lockheed F-80 < FN

FU - North American F-86

FV - Northrop F-89

FW - North American F-100

FY - North American YF-93A, North American YF-95A < YF-86D

GA - Waco PG-2

GB - Waco PG-3

GC - Waco CG-4

GD - Laister-Kaufman XCG-10

GE - Waco CG-13

GF - Chase XCG-14

GG - Waco CG-15

GH - Chase XCG-18

GJ - Chase XG-20 > XC-123A, CZ

LA - Taylorcraft L-2, Piper L-4

LB - Aeronca L-3, Stinson L-5

LC - Piper L-4 (original), Aeronca L-16

LD - Stinson L-5 (original), North American L-17

LE - Interstate L-6, Boeing L-15, Piper L-18 < L-4J

LF - Piper L-14, Cessna L-19

LG - Convair L-13, de Havilland L-20

LH - Aeronca L-16 (original), Piper L-21

LJ - North American L-17 (original), Beech L-23

LK - Aero Commander L-26

OA - Grumman OA-9

OB - Consolidated OA-10

OC - North American O-47

OD - Kellett YO-60

OE - Boeing PB2B-1

PN - Lockheed P-80

PS - Republic P-84

TA - North American AT-/T-6

TB - AT-/T-7

TC - Beech AT-/T-11, MiG-15 (USSR)

TD - Beech AT-/T-21, Beech T-34

PTF - Stearman-Boeing PT-13*

TG - Stearman-Boeing PT-/T-17

TH - Fairchild PT-/T-19

TJ - Culver PQ-/Q-8

TK - Culver PQ-/Q-14

TL - North American T-28

TP - Convair T-29

TQ - Fairchild T-31

TR - Lockheed T-33

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Wonderful!! Greece didn't have but if we did those skins would look awesome ... excellent work i wish you release them.



P.S. Wrench..you are like an encyclopedia :)

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Thanks a lot Wrench for this information. Decals have been already changed.

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Mario - man, you're in a hot run of form at the moment!


Regarding 'Buzz' numbers the most obvious omission from that list is that 'FJ' was used on the F-4 Phantom (see pics of the borrowed F-4B's but it was seen on the early F-4C's and even the RF-4C's too).

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