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Mitsubishi F-2A Viper Zero Ver 1.0 for SF2

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Mitsubishi F-2A Viper Zero Ver 1.0 for SF2

Mitsubishi F-2A Viper Zero as flown by the JASDF.


All installation notes and additional information are in the readme.txt so head there for all the answers.


Credits as follows:


Aircraft 3d model, canopy frame, .ini work and packaging - Me

Additional .ini work and alternate loading and hangar screens - ace888

Aircraft skin/template and _DATA.ini tweaks - ace888

Afterburner effect - spillone104 (with some modifications by ace888)

Vapour effects - ravenclaw (with some modifications by ace888)

Decals - Nengajyou (with some modifications by me)

Cockpit and ACESII Ejection seat - ravenclaw (with some modifications by me)

Weapons - WhiteBoySamurai (with some modifications by me)

FM - Thirdwire (with some modifications by me)

Pilot 3d model - Old Diego

Pilot skin - Originally by Old Diego modified by ace888




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well 。。。 hoping this is a new 3D modle 。。。and i really like the agile falcon concept 。。。thanks a lot Dels !!!

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