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Meanwhile, lurking a few miles from Wrench's lair....

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i've met Eric Spillman -- did a smog check on his car many years ago. nice guy!

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  1. Looked preggers?


Yep it undoubtedly is. I used to do a lot of shark fishing off California back in the 80's when the shark population was still in good shape. Now the population has crashed... the results are a few sharks have grown to monstrous proportions like this one... a shrinking population of small juvenile sharks, and very little in between. Seeing this big female dead makes me very sad.


When Mako's in California waters reach sizes of 10 feet or so they begin targeting seals and sea lions because the sword fish and marlin populations are depleted. When they start eating seals they put on weight fast.

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Conversely, the East Coast Mako population is in fairly good nick. I've encountered Makos ranging in size from "purple puppies" to freight-car sized behemoths. The most memorable was watching an 800-1000 lb Mako chomping away at a floating swordfish carcass just inshore of the continental shelf.


What's been overfished here are the Dusky, Tiger, and Bull sharks, whose populations have been decimated by "finners", that is, lowlife fisherman who catch them, hack off their fins (shark fins are in high-demand in the orient), and then drop the now helpless sharks back in the water, to die a slow death from starvation.


I've kept only mid sized (150-250 lb) Makos for the table, and tagged and released the rest. In fact I've probably tagged several hundred blue sharks over the years, as well.


some old pics (scanned to jpeg)


First Mako.JPG




Cruising Blue.JPG




Evil Eye.JPG

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