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There was some discussion of this, some time ago. So, whilst reworking the PI 44 map, I thought I'd try a little experiment...

with very little fiddling, they are QUITE workable, and easily made; for ANY size airfield. They have to be treated like any other airfield, being flattened and all, but works quite well


Behold, this fully operational grass airfield...(the plane with the lights on is me, so I could find where I was!)

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Mass take offs are possible. Look into Baltic Entrance Terrain for SF1.






16 Hunters in less than 50 seconds in the air.


20 planes are impossible. The game handles only 16.

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Yeah! Like that Except it will be Hurc's and Battles,I think maybe only one or two Spit squadrons made it over to the continent for BOF.Dowding wanted to keep them all for defence of the realm.And they covered the Dunkirk evac. I really love that movie! Besides we have to give Jerry a bloody nose so he'll want to come across the channel for some more!

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