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Hey folks, version 1.1.1 of OFFice, OFFbase, and OFFworld is now available for download at the official website and Combat Ace. Here's the change-log:

  • Injured pilots can access their journals and read their squadron's daily status reports from in the infirmary.
  • Counts missions flown by your AI squadmates, reporting the tally in the Duty Room.
  • Reduced frequency of Congressional Medal of Honor being awarded in American campaigns.
  • Adjusted Goodwill scaling so missions are relatively more important.
  • Optional Goudy Bookletter 1911 for American campaigns and Croissant One font for French campaigns, while clarity of the German Behrensschrift and British Railway Sans have been improved.
  • Fixed bugs transferring between squadrons, handling gunner/observers in multiplayer squadrons, encounter partner selection, and elsewhere. Some edits to encounters and internal code refactoring as well.

If you're interested in membership in OFFworld, the kick-ass multiplayer version, send me a PM.

Edited by Lothar of the Hill People

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