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Problem with mods not showing up

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Some time ago I installed a number of mods into SF2. I use the full 5 merged and the only DLC I have is the custom campaign one that allows you to change the aircraft you can fly.


I always used whichever part of the SF2 series was required as a base for the separate mods (e.g. for Vietnam AG-XP I used the SF2:V executable and mod folders and so on). I didn't test all the mods, but the SF2V AG XP and Mescalaro range mods were flown and worked well, as did all the add-on aircraft that I had got from CombatAce - I put them in the standard SF2 mod folders and they showed up in the game, no probs.


However, after taking a break of nearly a year, I am finding that the mods aren't working any more. I haven't updated since July 2012 and as everything has been left exactly as it was, I'm stumped as to why it won't play along.


I get the same list of aircraft appearing, regardless of which SF2 'theatre' I start up, and none of the added aircraft are on it. Mescalaro is not showing as a theatre - only the default ones.


The mods I have installed also include the full Nato Fighters 5 (and a separate NF4), which also doesn't seem to be adding anything extra.


It's weird!


I thought I'd ask here before doing a complete reinstall, as it's not something I ever had issues with before. Could it be something to do with SF2:NA, which I bought and installed after the modding had been done, and have never flown as yet?


Two pics are the SF2 root folder and the mods folder in Saved Games:






Ta for any ideas.

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If you add a patch then the aircraft list will reset to default - but should still include the add on aircraft still


So this happens for ever exe and every mod install?



Try open a mod folder and cut and past out options.ini and version.ini


run the exe for that mod - the game will recreate those files -  and see if you can get the add on jets back.



Also check


Directory=C:\Users\Neil\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 VGOLD
In options.ini for the other mods
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I'll try that - thank you.




EDIT: Yes, that did it (removing the options and version ini files) thanks! :good:

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On 06/11/2013 at 8:14 PM, JDUK said:

I'll try that - thank you.




EDIT: Yes, that did it (removing the options and version ini files) thanks! :good:

This why I prefer 1st Gen SF as when adding mods you can limit the terrain unlike on SF2 and the stock Aircraft and GroundObjects don't reappear if you change location etc, plus it's more simple as everything is in one folder unlike SF2 where you what to go to the Saved Games


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If I patch I ALWAYS rename any custom games folder..apply patch then add back mods to whatever game I used to mod...I usually use SF2 Europe...Mines just Test,and my main one is Great Britain...

so after patch I copy the Europe folder..delete all stock and drop everything in test to Europe folder and it works fine....I always check update readme fist to see if anything like Environment.ini for example is altered if not all is ok.

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      As these won't be enough, they're bugged also because if i set a key for a specified control, and then i try to unassign it re-pressing the same key on another command, instead of unassigning the first command, it glitches and i can set two or more commands with the same key... this clearly bugged out 
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      I thought that it was related just to the old SFP1, since it could maybe have some optimization problem on newer machines... but the exact same happened as soon as i played SF2 for the first time.
      I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP, and i thank you A LOT for helping me out, cause i really really have no idea of what to do to play it with radio chatter without being LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE
      Thank you all again

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