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  1. Mirage F1BK

    Thanks a lot for a other beautiful Mirage BK F1 mod Looks really nice next to the Mirage F1CK version...
  2. MIG-31A FoxHound

    Thanks a lot really love this mode even the crews outfit helmets are accurate to see the enclosed photo. Wish there would be a current updated MIG-25 too. Really appreciated you guys taking the effort and time to provide the community with such lovely mods.
  3. F-16A Blk 10

    Love it thanks a lot for taking the time to provide us with a beautiful mod...
  4. Mirage F-1C_RWR

    Wow ! Simply great and beautiful thanks a lot for letting us have such a great Version of the Mirage F-1C. I wish there would be also a SAAF South African FCZ1 version with the Silver middle fuel tank pls see the photo attachment. I know there are some SAAF FCZ1 versions out but i haven't seen any with the Silver fuel tank.
  5. Mirage F-1C_73

    Simply great and outstanding job Would love to see a SAAF Mirage F-1 CZ with the external Silver Middle Fuel Tank. I know the are SAAF F-1 out there but did not see any with the External Silver Middle Fuel Tank pls see the attached photo with one fitted on a SAAF Mirage F-1CZ.
  6. Thank you very much for the Mirage III sight file but unfortunately i can't download the files by clicking on it. Has the download link been removed ? Thx for any help on that.
  7. Jaguar A Desert Pink

    Wow ! Simply great i just love this Desert Storm skin whit those different side markings like! "Mary Rose" "Sandman" "Rule Britania" "White Rose" and more...
  8. Dear Russouk2004, and all the other modders, I followed according to your instruction given and finally managend to get the Hawker Hunter Internal Guns to sound similar to a ADEN 30mm Cannon. A big thank you goes out to you for spending your time and effort for helping me out that was very kind of you.
  9. Thanks a lot for the prompt response and assistance is very much appreciated...
  10. Dear Modders i am not so familiar, call it amatuer with editing the DATA.INI file just tried at my best but still its not working. I am having the following problems! I would like to hear the A-10 GAU-8, 30mm Gatling gun sound whiles firing the Hawker Hunter ’s internal 30MM_ADEN4 gun and i know that maybe some of you will say but thats a A-10 GAU-8, 30mm Gatling gun sound file, i compared the two guns soundwise on YouTube they sound similar at least to me. Any suggestions feedback and comments are welcome thanks a lot in Advance for any help on that. A-10 GAU-8, 30mm Gatling gun sound thats the name of the Soundfile A1030mm.wav I placed that (A1030mm.wav) sound file into my two Sound directories (C:\Users\Sample\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Sound), but still cant hear anything when i am firing the internal Guns. [Sound] EngineSoundName=JetEngine AfterburnerSoundName=JetBurner BreathingSoundName=Breathing DamagedEngineSoundName=PlaneFire FlapsSoundName=Flaps LandingSoundName=TireTouch AirbrakesSoundName=Airbrakes GearsSoundName=Gear StallsoundName=StallWarning WindSoundName=MF Windcockpit02 GunFireSound=A1030mm ç Where do i have to place this line ? // Internal Guns ---------------------------------------------------------Hawker Hunter [InternalGun1] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=30MM_ADEN4 InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN MuzzlePosition=-0.24,4.39,-0.41 LightPosition=-0.24,4.49,-0.41 AimAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 GunFireSound=A1030mm ç Where do i have to place this line to hear sound? Or wich command do i have to use to get it working ? MaxAmmo=100 EjectShells=TRUE //EjectShells=FALSE EjectPosition=-0.49,1.80,-0.44 EjectVelocity=-1.0,0.0,-2.0 MinExtentPosition=-0.30,3.36,-0.52 MaxExtentPosition=-0.15,4.36,-0.32
  11. Tornado GR.1 Desert Storm

    https://combatace.com/files/category/781-jaguar/ Those where the Jaguar versions but no desert pink camouflage in the desert terrain scheme for the Gulf War 1.
  12. Tornado GR.1 Desert Storm

    Simply a great piece of work thanks a lot really love the Tornado in the full Desert Storm coat of temporary desert pink camouflage. Is there a possibility of getting the SEPECAT Jaguar GR in the same full coat of the temporary desert pink camouflage pls see the enclosed image ? That would be simply great sadlywise the only Jaguar files i found where from the year 2013 any chance of getting a newer version ? That would be simply great thanks for your time and effort.
  13. [Fictional] Hawker Hunter FGA.9D (Desert Camo)

    Thx a lot for the Hawker Hunter its very much appreciated just love it. Is there a possibilty of getting a version with a Far East Markings during the 1960 the so called SEAC markings ?
  14. F/A-18B/D Series By The Hornet Team (BETA!)

    Thanks for the time and effort you put in those mods simply great i really loved them. Just faceing the following problem on the Swiss version of the F/A 18C model there are no Decals on the underneath site of the wing they are missing. I tried to reinstall the files but no change.
  15. SF2_Export_Rafale.7z

    Excellent and beautiful done mate wow feels so real specially the Indian Navy one with the cockpit ladder. Thanks for sharing.

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