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TMF Tomcat Superpack problems

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Hello. I recently downloaded strike fighters 2 Europe along with the TMF superpack (V1.20). I am having issues with the weapons and cockpit. My VDI display appears as a white blank and I cannot use the radar or equip the AIM-54's (only sidewinder's and sparrow's) in the load out screen. Is there a way to fix these issues without downloading sf2:na? Or did I just make a mistake when adding the files to my game? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Spectre ? Can you tell me if will be possible to see some improvements on TMF Tomcat after the up-date 1.21 ?

I hope in some improvements or skins pack also for TW F-14A(77) ... thanks and regards .. Antonio

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OK, this seems to be a problem with WinXP.  Having both a TCS and VDI on the same mesh doesn't jive well with that operating system.  Don't know if it's the version of DirectX or what, but you aren't the only one with this issue.  I think we need to make an XP-friendly version of the jet which only has the VDI and no TCS.  The radar might be having the same issue.

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