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I would just make sure the original modeler is credited with the cockpit (iirc, it's TMF??) I don't think we'll mind too much!

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    • By Dels

      View File C-130 Hercules Superpack Add on #1
      This is my C-130 Hercules Superpack add on pack #1.
      Please read the readme file (included) for installation instructions.
      This requires my C-130 Hercules Superpack already installed to run properly. Visit here to download it:
      Submitter Dels Submitted 05/22/2017 Category Other  
    • By Dels

      View File C-130 Superpack Photoshop templates
      These are the Photoshop templates for my C-130 Superpack.
      Please note that these templates are different to my older C-130 templates and will not work with my older C-130 models.
      Submitter Dels Submitted 03/16/2017 Category Skin Templates  
    • By viper63a

      View File C-130ABEHJK Hercules Super Pack 2016
      C-130ABEHJK Hercules Super Pack 2016
      Tweaked and packaged by Viper63a
      What's included in this mod pack?
      This pack includes the following packs standardized\tweaked\remade to my liking...
      Includes USAF, RAF, RAAF, ROKAF, JASDF, IDF, PAF, VNAF, EAF and IRIAF C-130 Hercules - Models A, B, E, H, J, K and KC-130!
      Special Thanks to Yakarov79! Thanks for the additions!
      Also includes...
      1) New Planes...
      2) New Decals...
      3) New Pilots...
      4) New Hangar\Loading screens..
      5) New Exhaust emitters...
      !! First and always - BACKUP!
      ** Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
      Go Fly!
      Firstly, I did very little to create this pack. I just polished and reset the gems I found. All credit goes to the people who came before me to create the excellent packs on CA.
      PAF C-130B For SF2 - Murtaza Akbar
      C-130H JASDF for Strike Fighters 2 by Nengajyou Aki
      LOCKHEED MARTIN C-130J-30 HERCULES Ver 2.0 By Dels
      C-130J-30 Shimshon Israeli Air Force Skin by Allen "allenjb42" Burton
      RAF C-130's for SF2 Series by The Mirage Factory by Dave (USAFMTL)
      SF2 IDFAF C-130 Qarnaf Pak by Wrench
      C-130E/H USAF pack (originally by Dels) by Kevin Unruh aka daddyairplanes
      There is a long list of credits in the original "ReadMe" files in the "Extra" folder...but here is a brief list of acknowledgements!
      Thanks to...TK and TW! and Special Thanks to Oli (RIP - Didn't know him, but I've come to know his work and the respect paid to him by the community)...
      My Heroes!
      Murtaza Akbar
      Nengajyou Aki
      Dave (USAFMTL)
      Thank you all!
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 09/04/2016 Category Other  

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