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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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From all our families to yours.


Have a happy and festive thanksgiving filled with family, football, and friends.


Be safe out there.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you Eric and all CombatAce staff for another good year here. I personally have much to give thanks for. The Good Lord has blessed me with a sweetheart of a wife. We have our own home once again after actually being homeless living in a hotel and jobless for several months. My wifes' double cancer scare from last year turned out to be relatively minor with no cancer, just a thyroid gone bad and a normal growth in her female parts, both of which were taken care of by some skilled surgeons. I now have a job with benefits for both of us, we have a new church with new friends, and Jill found her first job in nearly 6 years here in Missoula which is no mean feat these days at 61 and a broken job history. Thru the difficult times we did our best to hold on to our faith and try to stay positive. God heard our prayers. You bet Im giving thanks.



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good to hear man. i too am struggling and trying to get by but it is slow here as still temping and doing part-time work from layoff 3 yrs ago.. I just hope i dont get sick anytime soon.

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