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new graphics cards and the "flightengine.ini"...

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I recently upgraded my graphics card to an NVIDIA GTX 960 and was initially shocked that the terrains on certain sims looked horrible - they split apart in midflight revealing blank space in the middle - could not figure it out, went to the relevant terrain data.ini and checked all the polygon and mesh settings and they were all good... however I totally forgot about the graphics settings/ clip distances in the flightengine.ini - turned out by simply inactivating this file in the flight folder things returned back to normal. That being said are there more optimal graphics settings for the flightengine and scene clip distances for the newer cards?

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don't think so, clip distances are generally having not much to do with graphical quality -but that said having messign with them can cause negative effect like you described

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Here, try dropping this into your Mods folder and see how things appear in game.


attachicon.gifMeu's distance fix Preconfiguered.7z


And don't forget to set ObjectsFade=false in options.ini. For this mod to work the stock built-in fading function must be disabled.

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