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Enviroment system.ini question for the gurus

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Hello Masterful SF gurus and Fans!  :bowdown2:  haha!   I had a question reguarding the enviromentsystem.ini file.   I have Stary's awesome SARCASM 2 installed and its great for clear, broken and scattered flying but I find it to be a little too bright during overcast and inclement weather conditions... I tried myself to no avail but does anyone know the proper values to adjust in the INI to make rainy and overcast days a bit darker?  Thanks a lot!  

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    • By KamilP

      In the book "Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces" by Shlomo Aloni, I have found the information that: Throughout its 20 years of service, the Mirage III underwent just four major technical changes in IDF/AF service – theintroduction of the ‘holding switches’, replacement of the Cyrano with ballast, swapping the Atar 9B for the 9C and, finally, removal of part of the ballast at ace Kobi Richter’s request in 1977. This moved the centre of gravity backwards, cutting minimum speed from 150 to 120
      knots and increasing maximum ‘G’ from 6.5 to 7.3, thus improving sustained turn rates".
      I would like to create this late modification of Mirage from 1977 for SF2 by:
      1) changing empty mass of plane;
      2) changing inertia of plane;
      3) changing center of gravity position of plane
      but I need some additional informations which I can not find:
      1) have I to change any other data in DATA.ini file to properly reproduce the changes in flight model?
      2) what is the mass of Cyrano Ibis radar/nose ballast?
      3) how much of the ballast was removed?
      4) how much has the center of gravity changed?

      Please help.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Mobius98
      I've been having this HUD problem on some of the planes I've downloaded. Is any one else having this problem??
      here is the problem--- 
      here is a mod plane with a working HUD---- 
      And to my knowledge all vanilla planes are fine. I have also tried to put other aircraft HUD in to the no-working planes but so far been unsuccessful. 
      P.S. sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Also I have searched for an answer here and else where before posting.      
      Thanks for any help u can give!! 
    • By Spudknocker
      So I have been working on a terrain and I noticed that for some reason Mue's Target area editor does something to the target.ini file that makes it unreadable to the TFD Tool...
      This is what I did:  
      I used the TFD Tool to edit some tiles... All targets are labeled and show up
      Then went into the Target Area Editor and made some changes to a target area and then saved... 
      Went back to the TFD tool and the targets were no longer readable only 5 out of 200 targets show up... 
      I noticed that the file TFD Tool has no problem with looks like this:
      [TargetArea001] Name=target area 1  Position=414937,147250 Radius=10000 ActiveYear=0 Location=1 Alignment=FRIENDLY <--------- with the alignment= statement last    and on the one saved by the Target Area Editor its 3rd    [TargetArea001] Name=Target Area 1 Position=414937,147250 Alignment=FRIENDLY <-------------- here at #3  Location=1 ActiveYear=0 Radius=10000   Anyone else had this happen?
    • By Spudknocker
      So I was playing around with the Iranian F-4's on their home turf the Iran/Iraq terrain... and I kept getting HUGE drops in framerates when selecting and or firing any PGM's (LGB's on the F-4D and AGM-65B's on F-4E's) I tried flying an american F-4 with the exact same result, Im surprised there wasnt as CTD.  I tried lots of variations of thing but keep getting the same result so i have narrowed the issue down to it being something in the IR terrain... I have never seen this happen on any other terrain i even tried redownloading the IR terrain to no avail... anyone have any ideas?
    • By Spudknocker
      ​Hey!  I saw in a WIP thread awhile ago that there was a South African terrain in the works.... is that still going?  Cause I would love to fly in a border war scenario considering I am south African!  Haha anyone have any info on that?

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