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You had a good run Hugh

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Hugh Hefner died at age 91 from natural causes in his Hollywood home.

Your mark on our nation will forever live on as will your robe and pajamas.


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It will be a sea of blondes at his funeral.

And other people too of course.

You know I was working for a charity that collects items, sells them, and uses the funds to builds homes *Habitat for Humanity*. This one home we entered the person who died had a lot of stuff that his family wanted donated. Now I live in the Bible belt so of course all things pornographic are a sin and ruin marriages blah blah. Dude had a crate of 1970's Playboy magazines. Of course I couldn't collect them yadda yadda. Turns out the very magazine I picked up was a rare one that went for crazy stupid money. At the time I picked it up I was just curious to have seen it. That night watching television that's when I learned how valuable some of those magazines could've been. They were in good condition but knowing the people that live around here. They most likely trashed it. Reminds me of another funny story along those lines but it's not related to Playboy.

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