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BF-109-G10 Flight Model

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This FM is made for the MontyCZ / Ndidki / Wrench Package available here: https://combatace.com/files/file/13723-sf2-ww2-messerschmitt-bf-109g-10-pak-by-montycz-an-ndiki/

I started out using the usual TW S-99/199 FM as a starting point for this but was a bit disappointed in the performance so tried to find an excuse to do something about it. After comparing the S-99 FM to the TW P-51 and Spitfire FM's and doing a bit of research on line I think the lift is understated for the S-99. Both the P-51 and Spitfire had unique wing designs for the WW2 era with both having lower lift coefficients than was typical for other types. The Bf-109's older style wing was, except for the slats, more typical for the era so I was expecting to see a noticeable difference between the types. Nope. Anyway, I crunched a few numbers and made some adjustments. The change is quite significant with much better energy retention in high G turns while still staying within the low speed turn times generated by assorted Soviet tests. The Soviet tests were conducted at 1000 meters at [I think] 60deg bank angle and a sustained 2G's.

Under those conditions assorted Bf-109 G series were doing the 360deg turn in the 20 to 23 second range. My tests with the G-10 FM attached are coming in at about 22 seconds. As a further check I added the changes to an earlier Bf-109 E-3 FM I made  to see how it did against the Soviet tests. Most of the Soviet tests with the E series were complicated by assorted engine problems so many of the turn times were actually worse than the G series.  Tests by other countries gave better results though, with Luftwaffe and Finnish results in the 19-20 second range. That's what I'm getting with the modified E-3 FM. As a further check,  I compared the E-3 to a British turn test done at 12000ft with a turn time of 25 seconds and that's what I got. As a FURTHER test, I compared the new E-3 1000M turn time to the E-3 1000M turn time obtained from a totally different sim, BoB2, and it tested in the 19-20 second range.  Anyway, I'm going to be running this modified FM for awhile and see how it works out.


The BF-109-G-10 had a WEP system using water/methonal injection. [MW-50] There was a 30 minute supply which has been modeled, but the gentlemens agreement says you can only use it for 10 minutes at a time with a 3 minute rest period between each use. :haha:

I had some issues finding information on the engine/altitude performance and some of the target speeds are extrapolated from the faster K series so it will probably get some future adjustments.

Damage modeling is KAW-ish with a few of my own ideas thrown in.

The roll rate has been tuned using some info contained in the AvHistory BF-109-G-10 FM.

The AI has been tweaked a bunch, but similar to my previous WW2 FM's.

Here it is: Bf109g-10_DATA0.95.zip


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18 hours ago, Stratos said:

Never really played SF WW2 planes deeply, but seems I need to try this FM. Thanks Baffmeister!

Personally, I love Baffmeister's WW2 fms. I can't really explain it well, but they feel to me like I'm flying aircraft that have manual, not boosted, controls. His Battle of Britain fms make it one of my favorite SF2 mods of all time.

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I took Baffs idea and applied some changes to the old Wolf357 Bf-109F. I've gotten it to fly much better, considering how old it is!

Let me do a little more testing and I'll upload a copy of the data ini for you folks to test.

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here's the data ini for Wolf's Bf-109F4. I kept the same (exp) in it as it is somewhat experimental.

backup your original, and unzip and drop this one in. It should be a marked improvement of the 2014 dated data ini. But it still may need a little refinement. Also remember the aircraft itself if VERY OLD (Lod-wise)


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