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Hi Community! You may (and must) know Piecemeal's Desert V.4. Well, I love it, soy I decided to add targets and make some minor modifications to air bases, target areas, etc.. So, here it goes my humble attempt. Please note this is just a try, there are things to polish, specially an annoying issue as regards AAA. The seem to appear randomly, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Piecemeal's original terrain can be found HERE

Thanks Piecemeal!!

I have worked with Mue's excellent Target Area Editor.

I am posting this to know your opinion, and suggestions are more than welcomed! Y hope you like it :smile:

This is RAF Canopic and Canopic city, Canopic UK Headquarters and Canopic Port











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I like the use of my billboard!

also, I wouldn't use those wharfs in a "L" shape, those built-in buildings would inhibit loading and unloading of docked ships. I'd use the dock_105 or one of the longer docks available of other terrains.

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I really think additional air defenses would be realistic.  Otherwise, looks great.

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6 hours ago, Coupi said:

Very well done !!! :good:

Indeed ;-)

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Every time i see something beautiful and gathered closely to each other I want to cover it with bombs. Don't forget to share this

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      When building a single mission (i assume it works in camPain building) defining a aerial target in this manner seems to work:
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