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SF2 does not have good graphics on an Intel HD3000

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On 9/6/2019 at 9:28 PM, MigBuster said:

Now is your big chance to contribute people - yep it's time to put up or say goodbye.........



hi bro my game graphics are too childish while this video shows some real effects and colourfull things , + my aircrafts are not so clear in pixels when i zoom out ,i have i have forced dx9 on and intel HD 3000 graphics laptop hp

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Not sure you will get much out of that chip set.

Can you clarify:

That is a low end HD3000 from around 2011?

Can you run a dxdiag and post results?

Have you attempted to run the game on high settings?

Have you attempted to increase anti aliasing or anything like that?


Please note the video has 3rd party mods & effects in it that have been downloaded from this site so it is very different to the stock game.





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While FE2 runs fine on "average" settings on an Intel HD 4000 integrated vid card (the 4000 dates to about 2012 or 2013) - SF2 maxes out at about 10 fps on the same card. The HD 3000 is likely even worse.

I recommend running SF2 on a discrete graphics card, or two. Also, for good measure, download the following generic ENB package (http://enbdev.com/download_mod_generic.htm), and dump the "d3d9.dll" located in that package in the "WrapperVersion" folder directly into your SF2 game folder/directory (not into  the user folder/directory). Same tip applies to FE2 on Windows 7/8.1/10 - has improved frame rates both in WineSkin and on the BootCamp (Windows) side of my 2013 Mac Pro for the TW series of sims. (Thank you gTerl for mentioning this tip a while back on the FE2 forums.)

Happy flying gents',

Von S :smile:

NOTE: FE2 works fine in either WineSkin or BootCamp...SF2 I recommend not installing in WineSkin since the ENB package doesn't seem to make a difference for SF2 in WineSkin (better to do a direct Windows install and then apply the ENB magic).

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Fixed errors.

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I can run it on old Q660 and a zotac 8800     and its fine at max.....even on my old voodoo card it runs so so   intel HD 3000 though...hmmm isnt that integrated gfx ?

you only got laptop..?

I may put my cards up for auction here lol....got a few

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