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NKorea People's Air Force New Skin for MIG-29S(By TMF)

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NKorea People's Air Force New Skin for MIG-29S(By TMF)

TMF's MIGs as a famous great work, I don't need to link original mod, right?

Thanks TMF!


This is the painting used after North Korea upgraded the original MiG29A to 29S in recent years.

That's it,I made this skin for my script of the Korean Peninsula campaign,now I share with your guys.


Recommand step








Before Start,

1.Make sure put NK1 folder into your mig's folder

2.Make sure you add these sentences in MIG-29C_rus.ini

(I personally recommand to build a independent folder for NK MIG29,but It's not necessary)



Then run your game and enjoy



Unknow issues(or not?):

1.I can't find a clear picture about the sign under the cockpit(yeah the red square),so I just write some korean on it(just not rigorous);

2.I can't find a call sign texture consisting of three numbers side by side,so there are two number(yeah, just not rigorous).


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To all uploaders, I really appreciate your contributions, but would it be asking too much for you to add a little readme.txt with your packages? Even if it's just copy of what you wrote in the description of the download? Sometimes, I don't get to test the download for a couple of weeks or months and having to find your download to get the instructions is a real pain. 

With greatest appreciation for the work...


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Never assume that said end user knows how to install a mod. Make sure that they do.

This is covered in GREAT Detail in the pinned post at the very top of the forum. 

To all that don't follow these rules, which, btw, ARE site policy, your uploads will be deleted until they comply with our stated policy and standards and practices.


Just in case you can't find it, here's a link


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