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Bae HawkT1a Cockpit.7z

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Bae HawkT1a Cockpit.7z

Bae HawkTmk1A cockpit for SF2 by me Russouk

Hawk cockpit contents...
Accurate ish pit of ealy Hawk cockpit before the SatNav box fitted to later versions.


copy Cockpit folder,and avionics and Cockpit.ini to Hawk folder.

Add this to the Hawk ini 


Tested in new hawk model,so if you use my current model....open its data.in and copy pilots position to the new cockpit.ini...so...



Shift and Zero opens canopy....
H (hook) ket turns on gauges lights....basic but works...
Animated canopy latches,brake lever,pilot feet and rudders,and working stick.

also notice pilots digital watch....scoth taped to hud lol......

Cockpit uses opencockpit=False

to use default value remove the line from the cockpit.ini.


I prefer the setting included as it give illusion of real ish shadows etc.....

Files are freeware and NOT to be used for any other purpose...
also Files herein NOT to be uploaded outsie of CombatAce.com,under ayn circumstance,unless permission given.
contact me at Russouk2004@gmail.com.

Hope you like flying this pit....new hawk out soon...ish...time permitting.


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