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What if the UK selected the Convair 201 for the Royal Navy instead of the Phantom....smaller,lighter and cheaper but almost as capable the design was licence built by BAC as the Mako and used an Olympus engine.....img00005.thumb.JPG.086c8657271990339d87d05dd563f94f.JPGimg00007.thumb.JPG.f7b56bf928c0e004bd370ce98ab010fc.JPGimg00008.thumb.JPG.c0517bcbbbcc8b776a38ccb3fd6275b5.JPGimg00009.thumb.JPG.016c774ab689a172b0b2d368f103d4e1.JPG

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10 hours ago, Stratos said:

And uglier than a Phantom rofl.

Still not as ugly as the BAC Lightning though...

Oh yeah, I said it, Poms. Come at me, Commonwealth bros! :wink:

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