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  1. Some British Ships

    WOW!!! Very awesome cant wait to fire an exoxet at it B)
  2. Plz post what you think.I think the human race are meant to destroy each other. I belive that there is no difference from what time i am taking about. When the Romans rule europa Rome was belive to be the empire of Earth.It fell to corruption, and death all over the Empire. Hitler WW2, He conquer almost all europa except England. But what was his goal?Eliminated the Jews and make a "master" race? Human do not have a purpose on this Earth. Humans "make" a purpose to live. We were not put on this Earth to see what nation have more land, power or money. No one may know what our real purpose on this blue planet but if we keep going like this we may never see what beyond the horizion. I want to thank the people that are doing this game because it do not matter how big or how small the number of death. There should be allway a way to remember, there should allway be a book, picture a paper that makes the world remember what young men and women has gone through there mind when bullet were being fire at them. Ty (plz english is my second language bear with mine grammer, speling ect.)
  3. Hey No More Updates??

    http://met.open.ac.uk/group/cpv/fi/images/exocet.jpg http://www.mbda.net/site/img_imp/pcd1_exocet_am39_02.jpg HMS Sheffield After Exocet Missile Hits http://img8.photobucket.com/albums/v26/AceMan/slide27.gif Powerfull.. :ph34r:
  4. Hey No More Updates??

  5. Hey No More Updates??

    As in the title :(
  6. S-3 Viking Panel

    Here are some pictures that i found. http://www.aeronautics.ru/lockheed/s-3_viking/s-3a-018.jpg http://www.aeronautics.ru/lockheed/s-3_viking/s-3a-019.jpg http://www.aeronautics.ru/lockheed/s-3_vik...027-cockpit.jpg http://www.aeronautics.ru/lockheed/s-3_viking/s-3b-024.jpg http://www.aeronautics.ru/lockheed/s-3_viking/s-3b-025.jpg Gl :D
  7. Plz Sing This Petition!!

    PLz see this link. PLz read the topic in this link http://www.gunsnet.net/forums/showthread.p...threadid=156757 Here is the petition http://www.petitiononline.com/donthate/petition.html PLz sign this petition. Ty
  8. Horny Frenchmen

    LOL !!!Lucky!!!
  9. Yeah i have that program and it AWESOME!!. There are almost no limits in UberDemon software. PLz if you do not have it, check it out! :D
  10. Question About The Ai Models..

    Very nice models! :D
  11. Aircraft Carrier For Sale............on Ebay!

    Cool now i can land my jet and have a cruise around the world. :P
  12. Screenshots

    I am second to that B)
  13. If You Need Beta Tester.

    If you all need beta testers i am willing to vuluntear. :D
  14. What Do You Want More??

    Let see how it. REMEMBER ONLY 1 VOTE :D
  15. Mirage V Sea Harrier


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