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  1. Dayum! 10 years at CA! Can't believe it has been that long.

    1. Dave


      Time flies when your having fun.....

  2. Last year of my 20's. Damn, time does fly...

    1. Dave


      Damn where did the time go?

    2. logan4


      Just watch how fast the next 20 will fly away...

    3. Jarhead1


      lol well when u get to thirty it all goers down hill lol.

  3. NY to CO in 2 days! And I even saw a Tomcat on the way.

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    2. Viggen


      If you saw it on I-70, I imagine it was one of three F-14s in Kansas?

    3. Caesar


      Didn't know 3 were there! That'd be one of them, though, I was in Kansas at the time.

    4. Viggen


      Yeah before I deployed I wanted to visit one of the air museums in Kansas. Closest to Ft. Riley was still a ways but its F-14 has NSAWC history

  4. Gettin' mah' King Crimson on...

  5. Been enjoying Queen II; great album.

    1. daddyairplanes


      great band, though i tend to like their later works in the 80's. hard to listen to Innuendo sometimes knowing Freddie was on his last days, esp with the last song on the album.


  6. Give the Governor a Harrumph!

    1. JediMaster



      Hello boys, missed me?

  7. Apparently, even owning the BF3 discs does not allow you to insall from them. No, no, you have to wait to download the WHOLE GAME ONLINE even if you bought the hard copy! Into the 3rd hour...

    1. Muesli


      Damn, then I know what's waiting for me too!

    2. Viggen


      If it's any consolation, the BF3 Xbox 360 servers have been going down constantly

  8. ORI/UCI Day 2! Booooo!

    1. JediMaster


      Ours is later this year, NOT looking forward to it. In a practice op right now, I've been shot by a PO'd SSGT!

  9. My brand new Albion-mark longsword just arrived at the parent's house. Will be stopping by this weekend to pick 'er up! Can't friggin' wait!

  10. Looks like the foot's on the other hand now, isn't it, Kramer?

    1. daddyairplanes


      enough with the seinfeld references, no soup for you!

    2. Caesar


      Woah, woah, woah! Ain't so Seinfeld references here! AIRPLANE!

    3. daddyairplanes


      wow early morning reading it. wrong Kramer in mind. now no soup for you, one year!

  11. Bit disappointed with TRON: Legacy; not terrible, but not great either.

  12. Downloaded NF4+ with Tomcat missions. Thanks to everyone who was involved in that mod! Truly Sierra Hotel!

    1. daddyairplanes


      isnt it great to be back in civiliztion? tho i had commercial internet at Kandahar AF was still slow enough that the original NF4+ took me 19 hours to d/l

  13. 7 days out and I got to brief CSAF on the capabilities of our AN/FPS-132 UEWR and show a missile warning demo. Wewt!

    1. Dave
    2. Caesar


      Thanks, went pretty well!

  14. SIG/UCT's - the real UFO's!

  15. We've had a good number of interesting jets up here; a Navy P-3, Canadian C-130's and Airbuses, but the CF-188's today took the cake with a few low-level flyovers. Think I got one shot of one of 'em. Will see about posting. Our CF Captain got a few too.

  16. Walked on and drank from a polar ice cap today. Friggin' sweet.

  17. Not impressed in the slightest with certain space agencies tonight...

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    2. Dave


      No he is not can you say...NORAD...

    3. Typhoid


      I'm curious - since I walked out of NORAD about 6 months ago I don't have a line on that anymore - but which "space agency" has attracted your lack of impression and why? What did NORAD, STRATCOM, AFSPC, NASA, ESA, etc., do or not do this time?

    4. Caesar


      JSpOC SSA; the guys with the regs, who then don't read them, then read them wrong, then we call them out, and then admit they were wrong, but blame it on us anyway as a "misunderstanding."

  18. For the first time in history, my computer held its connection. Caesar's got the Tomcat! Thanks, TMF!

  19. Day 1 down, 6 to go

  20. If I had a beer, I would be rejoicing

  21. Half-way done with Thule. Hell friggin' yeah!

  22. The one benefit of Thule: 24-racks of Tuborg and Carlsberg for only $5


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