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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been looking through various MiG-19 series mods and I am still stuck with various MiG-19S data ini. May I ask, which mod anyone recommend for MiG-19 flight model overhaul or have updated data.ini that updates the flight model? The flight model for MiG-15s and 17s are taken care of (Thank to KAW and Wing over Vietnam Expansion campaign mods). I found the overhaul mods for SF2 MiG-21s and 23s. It is MiG-19s that I am stuck for now. To my surprise, the material for MiG-19 are rather very difficult to find, including the afterburner. Fortunately, thank to DCS manual (MiG-19P) and MiG-19 series book, found some pictuures needed for afterburner effects. As always, thank you for the advice and information. Eagle114th
  2. Hey, it's me again! Thanks to Bazillius I was able to solve the HUD problem. Now, I have another problem: the canards of the J-10 are rotating in the wrong direction. This means, when they have to rotate in the pitch-up direction, they rotate as pitch-down. I had this problem in a couple planes, but since this is the first one I'm going to publish, I want it to be perfect. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, it would be very appreciated. Good flight!
  3. Curious here - editing the ini for a new anti-ship missile. Wonder what's the scalar on Explosives= ? I mean for a 500 lb Mk 82 it's 89.000000. Only 89 of WHAT? For reference a 1,000 lb Mk 83 is 202.0000000000. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there guys, I have been wondering something for a while. Wandering around the DATA ini of some VTOL aircrafts I realised that there is a type of engine dedicated to attitude control (obviously there must be a way to move around the aircraft when you are almost static in the air), that as you may already know, are the RCS. I have not seen any exhaust effect applied to this systems in game, for example a Harrier hovering only has the exhaust effect of its four nozzles, but do you know if it is possible to add effects to them? I was thinking of using RCS effects to use them in a spacecraft model, burning only as you use them when maneuvering the ship. That would be very cool indeed! I already tried copying the ExhaustEffect command hoping that it would work but it didn't... Do you have any other idea to at least fake this thrusters?
  5. So in the Data INI of aircraft theres the AI section as we all know... However Im having a couple issues with the AI sections of a couple of aircraft. The biggest issue is strafing with the F-15E and its variants basically my issue is no matter how I alter the strafing section the jets dont fire a consistent number of bullets and usually too short of the target and sometimes do not even shoot at all I havent been able to figure this out but I will keep playing with it. Anyone have any ideas? or suggestions?
  6. Hello! I am trying to figure out the soundlist ini and sounds in the game generally. Ive noticed I have a flaresout.wav in my sound file ive tried adding the sound to the soundlist ini but doesn't seem to work. Im also having trouble adding windloop/radio loop sounds to a strike eagle's sound section when it wasn't there before, anyone have any advice? I couldn't find an answer in the knowledge base. I figured adding some wind/radio to the F-15E would be pretty cool and a flaresout sound would be awesome!
  7. Hello all! I've been working on a Saudi F-15SA to share with everyone but something keeps bugging me. No matter what I do the nationality of the F-15S is always -None- in the single mission screen. I have Saudi Arabia in my nations.ini and other F-15's with Saudi skins or my Saudi F-15C_RSAF never have this strange issue anyone have any suggestions? Also I have fixed the double cockpit issue with the Singaporean F-15SG if anyone wants me to upload that fixed Data.ini just let me know.
  8. Hello Combat ace! I am just starting to get into the modding world, I am trying to put together some F-16 block 60's based off of the Block 60's that were supplied in the War for Israel mod, I was wondering if anyone has a Emerati F-16 skin or would like to build one, I am having trouble with learning how to skin. Thanks!

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