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  1. My neighbours listen to good music... whether they like it or not!

    1. Dave


      When I listen to Mötley Crue so do my neighbors.

  2. Wow, what a rush!!! I wasn't exactly looking for love, but love found ME!!! (My slice of heaven)

  3. I had a great day on Veteran's Day in The Hague last Saturday.

  4. Honey, I'm home!

    1. Veltro2k


      let me know what you need and I will send and that goes for anyone...


    2. Muesli


      Thank you Ed, appreciate it. I will continue to show support. You deserve it!


  5. We be rollin' !!! Lightweight has a new gearbox/transfercase!!! Just in time!

    1. Muesli


      The 'Bitch' is back!

  6. Damn!!! L.A. Noire on PC is one HECK of a game!!!

  7. Which SOBs decided to ban poppies? Against the wall is my answer...

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    2. daddyairplanes


      ummmm, could ya kindly explain to the american half of the crowd? i figure the poppies have to do with your veterans day, but whats FIFA got to do with it?

    3. Muesli


      The poppies also do NOT represent Dutch veterans, but it is a symbol of general respect for veterans. It's not like you are promoting a political idea, the community (international) should be proud of the ones who serve. This poppy banning (as an English soccer player I would ignore that ban and wear one) is typical of 21st Century thinking....

    4. Slartibartfast


      Daddy on the 11th November at 11am we have 2 minutes of silence in the UK and what used to be the commonwealth... we wear the poppy in rememberance as well as it was the only flower that would grow on the battered field that was Flanders... Fifa the freeloaders and corrupt bunch run Football or Soccer to you and they banned the England football team from wearing the Poppy on the team strip on the day before Remembrance Sunday for a home soccer match played in England vs Spain... Fifa state th...

  8. A few days of BF3, yay!!!!!!

    1. Muesli


      Hmmmm, that's a bit of a.... disappointment! Massive lag, CTDs and Origing (Steam competitor) being crappy makes my first BF3 experience very negative....

  9. Visited Gilze Rijen AB yesterday, home of the AH-64D. Sweet gunships!

  10. I found a funny internet site picturing the evil of autocorrect in mobile phones: http://damnyouautocorrect.com/

  11. Kopi Luwak tomorrow.....

  12. I'll be seeing you all again in 10 days! Away for a little R&R.

  13. My Land Rover Lightweight is back from the garage, all fixed! I am happy again and will go off-road soon!

    1. JediMaster


      What's the status of your Land Rover Paperweight? Will it soon be holding your papers down again?

    2. Muesli


      Yeah, it's ready and finished. Today fitted an original army radio antenna, a military convoy 'cross-light' and emergency kit. Will be gone for about ten days (vacation) but I will post some pics when I get back! See ya!

  14. It's busy at Gilze-Rijen AFB; F-16s, the KDC-10, Herc and even a Rafale!

    1. Viggen


      Lucky! Get some good pictures!

    2. Muesli


      Nope, not even one....

      Was at home, a very unlucky place to take pics from (front, behind or underneath...)

  15. Lightweight problems... probably a broken drive shaft, worst case scenario is transmission failure... boo hoo

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    2. Muesli


      Thankfully, only a rear halfshaft....

    3. Slartibartfast


      Well see it as an Afternoon spent playing outside fixing the Lightweight... if you cannot drive it might as well work on it as second best...

    4. Slartibartfast


      The above is what I will be doing over winter with my bike... fixing her painting her adding parts etc...

  16. Just had two days of migraine. Damn! Now slowly adjusting to sun light and movement...

  17. I hate Activision and EA....

    1. JediMaster


      Finally! They've despised you for years, so...

    2. Muesli
  18. Doing a little household, playing a little FPS, enjoying the sun too. Just another day filled.

  19. Had a lazy sleepy day, only to be woken up by a low flying KDC-10 and a few CH-47s...

    1. Slartibartfast


      I take it with the Helo's there was no Wagner then...

    2. Muesli


      Neh, just the monotonous rotor sound...

  20. Watching 'The Great Dictator', a 1940 Charles Chaplin film. Classic and quality!

  21. ...While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen Your real daddy was dyin', sorry you didn't see him, but I'm glad we talked...

  22. Had a cosy and nice talk with Alessandro on FB this evening.

  23. Going to the barracks to get me some free extras for my Land Rover.

  24. Saludos camarada!!!!!


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