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  1. Arming the Syrian Rebels

    isn't the muslim brotherhood a part of al Qaeda . sure I read that some where . If so why would we want to give them arms ? as uk widowmaker said it will only end up being aimed right back at us !!
  2. Dear Mr Gadaffi

    Hi UK Widowmaker , I agree with all you say , good luck to the people of Lybia and all countries that are oppressed . Any leader of a country that uses lethal force against there own citizens does not deserve to be a leader . Dictators forget the golden rule " although people need a government the government needs its people .........and a governement should fear its people , if they they think they are above their people they will fall . Human nature people will only take soo much then they rebel , History has shown this time and time again !!! . So all you tin pot Dictators .....watch out your time has come !!!!! . In the words of citizen Wolf " power to the people " :-) . cheers Mungo
  3. DD214

    hi daddyairplanes, Nothing better when you know ...........im gone and you cant touch me lol . A whole weight is lifted off your shoulders . God bless the Royal Air Force at the time , should have been on my re-settlement course but instead sent me to Bosnia for six months . My re-settlement officer went mad asking where you been ......duh bosnia six months you sent me ? . No apparently i should have had re-settlement courses which i could neither afford or qualifie for as i was an sac , bascically waste of time as at the time you had to front 80 % of the course fee's up front . No one had that sort of money unless you was an officer or high non com . All bulls**t really , but here i am still doing the same job but as a civilian . Things have changed now uk military get better deals , no up front costs , but still get s**t on . You done you bit mate , now enjoy your life with out some one saying you off to blah blah in six weeks for six months etc . Your lifes your own now mate enjoy it :-) regards Mungo
  4. The Person Below Me

    hi hgbn , True love bbq's and beers who wouldnt ? the person below me likes train spotting and loves nothing better than hanging around train stations all weekend getting train numbers !!!!! lol
  5. ROF

    Hi im from the UK but ROF is a great game , not sure about us squadrons but be pleased to join one nathan
  6. The Person Below Me

    false i believe its never happened the person below me loves country and western and sitting on the porch with grandma with a shotgun ?
  7. Happy New Year!

    Hi all , Happy new year and peace to all , ill raise a glass to that . Hope that this new year is a good one for jewish people around the world and long live Israel . :-) regards Mungo
  8. What is the UK becoming?

    I know what you mean , i used to think our justice system was good but now !!!!!! . Mindyou what else should we expect , our own government MP's have stolen a shed load of money from us the tax payers and seem to be getting away with it . You or i had done the same we would at least lost our jobs if not charged . Then there is the Stafford hospital A&E department where i think it was 400 people needlessly died due to poor care from the hospital staff . The head of the hospital got paid off with a huge amount of money and the women incharge of the nurses got moved to another hospital and there is to be no public enquiry . Why are they not in jail for man slaughter ? im dam sure if i killed 400 people through gross incomputence i'd be in jail . It seems to me if your high up or a scandle could embarrasse the government lets cover it up , however if your just a average person you get the book thrown at you !!!!! . Viva la Revolution brother is what i say Regards Mungo
  9. How did YOU end up here at combatace?

    How did you end up here at combatace ? .......my mum sent me out for a pint of milk lol regards Mungo
  10. "You're not cool!" blog

    Hello all , Well i think in every job in this world you get people who although have an interest in what you do dont actually know how to do it . This goes for people pretending to be ex military ........usually failed to get in or in training , or arm chair pilots who wanna be pilots and even emergency services . Many years ago in the UK a man had a motor cycle paramedics uniform complete with bike and equipment all bought by him , he used to turn up to RTC's Road traffic collisions . And although you might think this is against the law its not as he never touched a casualty or administered mediacl aid . The freak did this for quite a while , why id dont know? . I myself was at an airshow when i was in the RAF and just to show its not just pilots who get stupid questions from the public . We were at Liecester Air show as fire cover for the air show , and also we'd show interested people around our fire engines . One man came up to me and said your from RAF Cranwell .....reply no im from RAF Wittering ......his reply well your fire truck is from RAF Cranwell ....my repy no is definetly from RAF Wittering trust me i just drove it from there ........his reply no its from Cranwell etc this went on for a bit when finally i got frustrated and said to him ....okay your right we nicked it from RAF Cranwell as our Fire truck broke down on the way but please dont tell them !!!! .......he left at that lol . Also you tend to get people tell you how things work on the fire truck when showing them around , my reaction to this is yes your right and eventually they leave , argue and they stay longer .
  11. And the wall came tumbling down.....

    Hi Brain32 , Im glad Croatia is now its own country and all is at peace , i spent six months based at Devouja Barracks near Trogir ( Devouja ) not sure if thats spelt right ? . I loved the country and the people , very nice part of the world just wish i'd gone there for different reasons . One day i will return for a holiday and see the beautiful country again regards Nathan
  12. 2012

    Ah well since time and memorial people have been predicting the end of the world . the Mayans 2012 !!!! well thats a pretty safe bet for some sha man or witchdoctor or priest etc to make from back then , its not like they could get proved wrong as every one from that time is long dead and gone . And even if he or she was right they wouldn't be able to pick up their winnings from the bookies and even if they could whats the poiint its the end of the world . I have seen people with advertisement boards saying the end of the world is now ....and they are always there the next week and the next etc . I guess one day though one of hem is gonna be right , but who would care ? im right im right im .........world ends no one around to care lol .
  13. The "WET START" Incident

    Wet starts are quite common in jet engines , seen them many a time . My first ever one i saw was a VC-10 cargo plane loaded with Weapons about to take of at my old station . We just happened to be by the threshold when the vc-10 was throttling up to take off when a huge flame shot out of its arse end and the engine made a very strange noise . Nearly pooed myself and was going to get up on the monitor ( foam cannon ) on the fire truck , when an old hand said stop flapping Nath they always do that !!!! , dont you panic unless you see the air crew jump and run from the plane then you can flap . It is caused by an excess of fuel in the jet engine , but generally it just burns out .
  14. so .. we will die!

    Well if i could choose the manner in which i could die , it would have to be after a alcohol drug frenzied sex orgy with lots of nymphet women ......then i could die happy with a smile on my face . Wonder if anyway has ever said that as a final request at a fireing squad and more to the point was the request honoured !!!!! ? . I have only had one moment in my life when i thought i was gonna die but i was quite calm and didnt sink to the bottom of the south Atlantic but made it to shore safe but a little embarrased of making an ass of myself while on lookers on the beach watched it all . I would like to think that theres more after death , be ashame to think thats it . I guess we will not know till one day your numbers up then you will know !!!!!! lets hope for all of us its a long time yet to come
  15. rant about electric lol

    What total madness , how can they get it wrong when you gave then an accurate reading . I mean its not even like they got the decimal point wrong , you could kind of expain their error then by saying its a type error . You think you bill was processed on a friday and some erk wanted to get of to the pub early and thought ' i cant be asked working this one out lets just hit the key pad until i get a series of numbers ........tap tap tap tap tap tap oh £ 2081 yep that will do , and off to the pub !!!! . Well i hope who ever they are that when they got to the pub and ordered their first drink the Barmaid or Barman said that will be £2081 please , its friday i cant be asked working out the price !!!!!! now that would be poetic justice ...........we can but hope

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