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  1. Well its been a long break but have finally re-installed WoE/NF4. After getting to the loadout screen, to discover there are no weapons available, then working out the compatability mode to open the weapons editor in Win7, i am presented with a blank weapons editor box..... Like i said, its been awhile (3yrs) but i'm a bit stumped as to why this is happening? And this is the reason there are no weapons available at the loadout screen right? cheers,Jayo
  2. so i sacked off WoE NF and installed Falklands 1982. Ended up (after trying all the various suggestions found in the threads) by taking both gun and weapon editors out of the game folder, compressing to desktop and running them from inside the zipfile. they work! A little part of my brain is screaming BUT WHY????? the rest of me just doesnt wish to know.... Thx again GearyMcS
  3. GearyMcS, i will d/l the 022008 Weapon Editor and try that. Do i drop the zip file into the weapons folder in WoE before running or run it from my downloads window? cheers
  4. Or! as more searching on here suggests, do i need an updated version of the Weapons Editor?
  5. hmmmn, so i did a complete re-install and after the oct patch i ran the sim, all good. installed NF, ran the sim, all good. Did the same for NF/II/III all good. NFIV however caused the same no weapon issue. corrupt download? i did notice with the NFIV download there is no .exe install file,but there are instructions to copy and paste the files into the main folder so im guessing all is good there. really starting to scratch my head now.... any ideas anyone? i will try d/l NFIV again later on the off-chance i had a corrupt d/l 1st time round. cheers
  6. Tornado GR1, does what it sez on the tin...... Harrier GR3, have had some amazing seat of the pants missions with this little fella. Mastering the vector thrust is a must, esp when up for a bit of air-to-air....crazy. F-15E, just sex in the air....
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know if the Cloudskins Too addon by Shrikehawk will work with WoR,and or any other terrain Mods? cheers,Jayo
  8. In 4yrs of flying WoE NATO ive survived ONE campaign with the Tornado ADV,my fetish is for the ground attack role so thats probably why i havent managed to complete a campaign in that role,even with the mighty Weasel!
  9. British Summertime

    Three cheers for us milk bottles!!
  10. For general info i think FSAutostart is now called Alacrity?
  11. Book recommendation

    I havent read any of Alex's stuff.I HAVE read his brothers' (Simon Scarrow) Under The Eagle series,corking (grown-up) boys stuff!. The above does sound good though.
  12. Hey all. Ive got WoE NF series' and ODS. Both have the Tornado GR1,however the Torn HUD in ODS has a decent CCIP system and the WoE NF Torn,does'nt. So i thought i'd be clever and simply replace the WoE Torn Cockpit folder and AVIONICS.INI with the ODS Torn. Not as clever as i'd hoped coz now the WoE Torn HUD only shows the CCIP pipper and NOTHING else,i also have no AG radar (id hoped to have the AG/AA radar that the ODS Torn comes with). Humf! Is this an easy job and ive simply missed something or am i asking too much of my amatuer self? cheers,Jayo
  13. Hey all, In my attempt to understand "how it all works" im gonna create a campaign from an existing one but with new timeline,relevant aricraft etc etc. My WoE (SF1) install is using the NF series,what i would like to know is can i use a seperate weapons pack for my particular campaign within this install? cheers,Jayo
  14. Still running fine,however is there a way to stop both Argentine and British AI helicopters from performing impossible aerobatics during missions? Also what exactly are they (the helicopters) doing during the campaign missions? e.g Two SeaKings hovering (in a vertical position) over the coastline at 5000ft?
  15. ....... so i edited out the intro movie line in the startup.ini,works ok so best left alone!
  16. So i havent flown this for awhile,thought i'd crack it out,and then...... On start-up i get a blank screen,task manager sez game is running but im getting a movie-player error mssg saying "Failed(0x80004002) to set drain for gmxintro.avi-this sample is designed to play videos,but the file selected has no video component" then i get a CTD I thought a reinstall would be an idea,however the same happened on a clean SFG install before i install the Falkland mod. What has happened,am i missing a file somewhere? My WoE NF install works fine....... Cheers,Jayo
  17. What are you listening to?

    Meg Lee Chin- Junkies and Snakes Motorhead - 1916 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (for the journey home from work today)
  18. The sad thing is because the media have highlighted the abusive language,THATS what the majority of people have in their heads......media influence,full circle.
  19. Return of the Falklands

    So it would seem the rest of Latin America IS supporting Argentina........ well done Mrs Clinton.

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